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Hair Removal Tools To Put To ‘Hair’ Use

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‘My Hair Lady’ sounds familiar? Ah, we’ve been through that ordeal too. Nothing sucks more than seeing your waxing lady a little frequently ’cause you’re clearly the grizzliest bear that lives. If H.A.I.R.Y. is one word that summarizes your life, these super-efficient women’s hair removal tools and products have signed up to be your BFFs. No more last-minute salon appointments, we’re making you self-reliant, honey.

Here are the hair removal tools and products you need:

  • Gillette Venus Breeze 3 Blades Lather

    Before you freak out at the prospect of succumbing to a razor and its apparent side-effects, hold that thought right there. No, shaving does not lead to thicker hair or skin pigmentation. On that note, let’s applaud this purple beauty for being smart as heck. It is built with three spring-mounted blades and flexible shave gel bars that contain lathering body butter. Basically, a hair removal tool that gives a time-saving, hassle-free shave.

  • Bronson Professional Electric Trimmer

    A perfectionist who won’t let even the tiniest, most weirdly placed hair strand be? Here’s what you’re missing in life. A micro hair precision trimmer designed for women, this battery-operated slim stick helps you reach difficult areas like your brows, lips, cheeks, ears, neck, and underarms. We’re talking about easy portability, dedicated accessories for spot on precision, and super-sharp blades for a close-but-safe trim.

  • HipHop Body Wax Strips with Argan Oil

    Can’t, just can’t deal with the mess and stress of the traditional way of waxing? These wax strips will have you sorted in a jiffy. Enriched with Argan Oil, these double-sided wax strips remove unwanted hair from the roots, leaving your skin feeling smooth for weeks. Suitable for sensitive skin, this women’s hair removal product has easy-to-use strips will make you forget the fear of wax burns. Ouch.

  • Philips BRE200/00 Satinelle Essential Epilator

    The epilator is one of the lesser acknowledged boons to womankind. Apart from the fact that it can remove four times shorter strands than waxing, epilation also guarantees a lower hair growth rate and long-lasting smoothness. With an ergonomic grip designed for comfortable handling and gentle tweezing discs that remove hair without tugging at the skin, this is perfect for women with super sensitive skin.

  • Braun Female Groomer FG1100

    If spreading ’em legs before a stranger aunty makes you cringe, gimme five. I’d rather take very good, independent care of my queen down there, thank you very much. Now you can literally let your imagination run wild with your bikini line, thanks to a slim, high-precision head that allows detailed styling and contouring. Go, get creative with your surprises for bae *wink wink*

  • Veet In-shower Hair Removal Cream - Normal Skin

    We know so many women with pain threshold that ranges in negative numbers. It’s totally fine if neither of the surface hair removal methods seem like your cup of tea. Maybe you’re meant for greater things in life, like this brilliant and harmless invention by Veet. Not only does it leave your skin all smooth and hairless, but the Shea Butter-enriched formula provides hydration for up to 24 hours. Wow!

  • Vega Tweezer - Square Tip

    When you’re living life out of a suitcase, even ‘Netflix and chill’ seems like a luxury, forget getting your mini-moustache removed in a salon. If you’re one such on-the-go woman, a tweezer is the hair removal tool that will fit perfectly in between your constant hustle. Groom overgrown brows or tweeze a random strand poking out of your chin, these square tip tweezers are perfectly aligned to grab hold of even the tiniest hair.

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