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How To: High Shine Hair On A Budget

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Don’t you just love the way your hair looks right after you’ve just stepped out of the salon? We’re talking about shiny, smooth and swishy, 90s shampoo-commercial kinds of hair. ICYMI ultra glossy hair that’s as reflective as glass (minus the IG filters) is the new IT thing and we’re all here for it. But, how do you achieve that diamond shine and glassy finish that we see on celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Deepika Padukone when you are on a budget?

From nourishing hair oils to shine-inducing hair mists and serums, you can achieve lustrous locks easily at home if you choose the right products according to your hair type and texture. To make it easier for you, we’ve curated a simple, five step routine for you to get the glossiest hair of your life. Keep reading to know how easy it is!

Step 1: A Nourishing Champi

The good ol’ champi works to condition the scalp, nourish and strengthen your hair roots. Getting an oil massage on the regular will make your hair look and feel its healthiest self. Some of your favourite celebrities also swear by the good old champi to give their tresses the nourishment they need.

best hair oil

Max Care Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)

best almond hair oil

Kama Ayurveda Mini Organic Sweet Almond

Step 2: Sulphate-free Shampoos For The Win

Spare your hair from the side-effects of harsh shampoos that can leave your hair feeling rough and frizzy, making them lose their natural moisture. Switch to sulphate-free mild shampoos that are easy on your locks as they help in moisture retention, and will make hair look and feel naturally softer and shinier.

best sulphate free shampoo

L'Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Shampoo Sulfate Free

dove sulphate free shampoo

Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Repair Shampoo Sulphate and Parabens free

Step 3: Never Skip Conditioner

An unskippable part of your hair care routine, conditioners help combat frizz and dryness, making hair appear smoother and silkier. It also helps detangle hair preventing breakage. Make sure to opt for a sulphate-free one to get the best results.

conditioner for dry hair

TRESemme Pro Pure Damage Recovery Conditioner Fermented Rice Water

best hair conditioner

Mamaearth Onion Conditioner With Onion & Coconut For Hair Fall Control

Step 4: Go The Extra Mile With A Hair Mask

Once or twice a week, pamper your hair with a nourishing, repairing hair mask. Add this extra step to your regime to help retain moisture, softness and even brightness to your tresses, in a matter of minutes.

hair pack for dry hair

Nykaa Naturals Fermented Rice Water & Bamboo Paraben & Sulphate Free Hair Mask

hair pack for dry hair

Garnier Fructis Hair Food - Smoothing Macadamia Hair Mask For Dry Unruly Hair

Step 5: A Shine Boost With Serums

Leave in serums work as the perfect protective layer for your hair. It helps protect your hair from environmental aggressors, and everyday wear and tear. Serums also help control frizz and lend a natural-looking sheen.

best hair serum

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum

hair serum for hair growth

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair

Glass-like shiny hair, here we come! Here’s some pro tips to achieve salon-like shiny hair:

  • Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to eliminate product buildup.
  • Opt for leave-in conditioners for added moisture and to help enhance shine.
  • Use a shine inducing spray when styling your hair.
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