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Here’s How Coconut Oil Got Me Through A Broke Week

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Real talk. Everybody’s got that one friend that somehow manages to be literally good at everything she does. You know who I’m talking about. That all-rounder boon companion slash colleague (that you secretly always envied). I mean, is there anything she can’t do? Sigh. Alright, let me explain this better. I’ve recently dunked myself into some R&D in pursuit of economical options for my beauty routine. That’s when I bumped into my long lost friend, Coco.
Here’s a little backstory. I met Coco when I was probably five. It’s not that we didn’t get along, but I guess I was just too young to understand her worth back then. We lost touch for a while, but she would keep coming back. She had her ways. I’d see her on billboards, bus shelters, local drugstores and even in my mother’s kitchen cabinet. Oh, there would even be days she would just be casually chilling in my chettinad chicken curry. We reconciled after years, this time our equation taking a stronger route.
Considering the clever financial choices I made this month *cue sarcasm*, let’s just say that I gave the phrase ‘broke as a joke’ a whole new meaning (an Idiom I’m actually familiar with). The excruciating pain of buyer’s remorse? Yup, I’m pretty familiar with that too. That’s when I decided to ditch my ‘sobo’ girlfriends and reach out to Coco. Here’s how she got me through a supremely pauperized week with barely some change in my pocket. To my dear friend. My confidant. Coco aka Coconut oil.

Let’s take a quick look at some easy coconut oil hacks that you’ll love along with some amazing benefits of coconut oil on skin

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    Thank you, Next

    I had a date last week, and I had 30 mins to shave my legs. I took a three-finger scoop of cold-pressed coconut oil for each leg, treated it just like my regular shaving cream and shaved off all that hair with my razor. Every single fibre was out, zero cuts and absolutely no clogging between the blades. Coconut oil for skin works magic!  So, next time your parlor lady goes ‘Madam, aapko waxing nahi karna hai?’, kill her with kindness and turn her down. Because you know that you have this tropical oil to bank on right after you reach home. 800 bucks, saved. Hah, take that parlor lady.
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    Attached, yet detached

    My mascara and I have a co-dependent relationship. Confession. There are nights I secretly wiggle to my cabinet and swish on some on my lashes before my netflix marathon (no judgies, okay?). So, to counterattack the aftermath of clumpy lashes, I leaned on coconut oil instead of my regular makeup remover. Truth be told, even the most resistant waterproof mascara doesn't stand a chance against this genius elixir. I applied it directly to the face like I would with an oil cleanser and let it sit on my skin with a cotton pad. All that formula came off in a matter of seconds.
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    Chuckle Like Halle

    Let’s all agree that we’ve all once dreamt of parading a million dollar smile in front of your haters (c’mon, high school was not easy for some us). I still practice in front of my mirror every morning. And, you know who has the perfect smile? Halle Berry. Yes, Halle Berry was my benchmark. Just when I thought it’s a distant possibility to gain that superstar beam, my dear friend (Coco) rushed to my rescue. I grabbed a good amount of coconut oil and added baking soda for a quick fix. I used it like a regular paste, and it worked wonders. So, next time you run out of toothpaste you know what to do.
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    I’m Too Good At Goodbyes

    Amidst my theatrical and keyed up research, a recent study suggests that virgin coconut oil can soothe itchy skin better than mineral oil. Benefits of coconut oil for skin care are innumerous! It also treats eczema and reduces any signs of inflammation when you apply it to the affected areas. Also, like me if you’re also the sort who’s prone to be an active victim of burns, bug bites and bruises this trick will help. I visibly saw this one burn mark bid goodbye with each application. I applied every day for seven days and that stubborn patch just keep eventually disappeared. Goodbyes were never this easy.
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    Smell Like A Tropical Island

    Ever since I stumbled upon the existence of natural deodorants 4 years ago, I stopped using antiperspirants. Point being, when there’s something better out there you go for it. Enter the tropical balm, coconut oil. Yes, apparently you can make your own natural deodorant at home (and it works). I mixed a pinch of coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda, and a scented oil of your choice (I opted for lavender) for a DIY odor fix. After my bath and applied a teeny amount and headed to work. I was good the whole day. I don’t even have to buy a deodorant ever again. I repeat, ever again.
    Before I sign off I thought I’d end it with a little something for my fellow brokelings (chin up, it happens to the best of us). There might be times when your bank balance may not look impressive, but I can tell you one thing for sure. I don’t know about your grocery bills, but your beauty routine shall never be compromised, ever again. That all-rounder friend I was telling you about. I was referring to Coco. There’s nothing this multi-purpose queen can’t do. Safe to say that this reconciliation was worth it. More power to you, Coco!
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