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How to get the ‘60s baby-doll look in 4 easy steps

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How to get the 60s baby doll look in 4 easy steps - 1
Inspired by the fresh-faced, doe-eyed ingenues of the ‘60s, the baby-doll look is all sugar, spice and sultriness. For a look from an era past, this one continues to spin its sorcery all the way into 2019, and the best part is that you can wear it to any occasion under the sun. 
4 easy steps are all you need to channel the versatile and ever-eternal allure of Twiggy and Bardot. So are you ready to rock ‘n roll? 

1. Face

If you want a peep-through, bare-skinned glow, true to the ‘60s hippie, smoothen your face out with either a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. Of course, porcelain skin is the premise of this look, so if you have blemishes or dark circles, don’t be afraid to up your coverage with a good concealer and go in again with a luminous foundation. To keep it looking radiant and natural, we’d swap the powder with a dewy-finish setting spray.
How to get the 60s baby doll look in 4 easy steps - 2
How to get the 60s baby doll look in 4 easy steps - 3

2. Eyes

Now, for the eyes – where those ‘60s strokes will really come to play. Use a nude, shimmery base all over your lid, and then go in on your upper lash line with a pigmented eyeliner, creating a feline flick towards the outer edges. Coat your lashes with several rounds of a thickening mascara. If you’d like to steal some inspo from Twiggy, move the mascara spoolie in a zig-zag fashion from bottom to top to create a spidery, full-fan effect. To double up the doe in doe-eyed, use a white or nude liner along your waterline (be careful not to spill it on your bottom lashes) so you’re eyes look opened up and bigger.

3. Cheeks

For your cheeks, you want to mimic that natural, rosy flush. Choose a blush in the most natural shade of pink for your skin tone and apply it circularly, but sparingly, to the apples of your cheeks. Use your fingers to press on a little bit of highlighter right above the blush and in a ‘C’ shape around your eyes.
How to get the 60s baby doll look in 4 easy steps - 4
How to get the 60s baby doll look in 4 easy steps - 5

4. Lips

Match your lips with your blush, but instead of a full-coverage lipstick, use a lip stain, lip gloss or tinted balm. To amp it up, you can first define your lips with a lipliner, and then lightly dab on a nude-pink lipstick. Top it up with a lip stain or balm of the same color for a plump, hydrated and natural-looking pout.
Voila, the ‘60s baby-doll becometh you, and you didn’t even have to hang around CBGBs or a stalk a rock band around the country to achieve it.
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