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In Review: Rexona Aerosols And Roll Ons

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In Review: Rexona Aerosols And Roll Ons - 1
Don’t want to talk about body odour even though its practically getting the better (or worse!) out of your social life? Rexona hits the right (olfactory) note by unveiling three innovative deodorants and roll ons. So the next time you need to slay that job interview or entice your long-standing crush, you know what to get your hands on.
  • Hailing from the world’s best deodorant brand, these masterpieces provides ten times the protection of its average counterpart.
  • Did you know that underarm sweat is odourless? It’s the bacteria feasting off it that’s the real culprit. Rexona aims to prevents sweat by targeting bacteria. Smart move.
  • Free from alcohol, it’s perfectly safe for skin. Count the approval of your dermatologist too.
  • We have never come across a odour protection range that gives 48-hour protection from BO. Guess that’s about to change now.
Before we dive into the products, here’s why a shower and a deodorant aren’t enough to mask body odour. Enter roll ons. We’re sharing the ideal hygiene routine with you today. Once you’ve towel-dried yourself after a bath, swipe a roll on deo around 4-6 times on each underarm. Then once you’re dressed, spritz your Rexona deodorant and head out the door.
Let’s start with the roll ons.
In Review: Rexona Aerosols And Roll Ons - 2
This beauty is a soft, floral, powdery fragrance brought through powdery and delicate floral notes. It envelops you in a cocoon of soft powdery fragrance, with delicate floral notes.
This one is a modern clean floral fragrance, with a fresh combination of fruity, woody, musky notes that leave you fresh and dry all day long.
Lastly, this one is a is a light, fresh aloe scent with a calm and cooling feeling that leaves you clean and protected from odour for about 48 hours.
Available in three amazing fragrances, it’s time to take pick your fave can.
In Review: Rexona Aerosols And Roll Ons - 3
Enriched with Sunflower Seed Oil, dark, pigmented underarms can now be a thing of the past. Forget rubbing lemon slices on your underarms and get your hands on this winner instead.
A sucker for modern, everyday fragrances as compared to strong-noted ones? Look no further. With a clean, floral fragrance that’ll leave you feeling confident all day, this one will have you going back to it again and again.
If it’s Aloe Vera, it has to be soothing, calming and everything relaxing. And if your deodorant boasts it too – what’s stopping you? A light whiff of this fragrance is enough to take the edge off a hard day at work. Our 9-5 secret.
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