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Just Us Saying Yes To Bikini Epilation For Life

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Hair removal is a close second to tax filing on our list of pain points in life. And then there is the (rather hairy) matter of the south which is a different worry altogether. Well, Miss. V likes it hairless and that’s not news. But that doesn’t mean you succumb to the mind-numbing pain of waxing, pokiness of the razor, or the inefficiency of depilatory creams. Enter epilation.
What Epilation?
When you take the help of a small buzzing BFF to pull out hair strands right from the roots, that’s called epilation, my friend. Consider it as an electric female shaver, only with multiple rotating tweezers in place of cutting blades. As the roller rotates, the tweezers grab your hair strands and remove them from the roots. However, unlike waxing, epilation doesn’t remove cells from the epithelium of the epidermis.   
Why Epilation? Rather, Why Bikini Epilation?
Million-dollar question! Here’s why:
  • Let’s start with the financial bit of it. When compared to recurring monthly (even bi-monthly for some poor souls) salon expenses, epilation is a one-time purchase, more like an investment. Fairly inexpensive, we say.
  • Thought hair removal is a messy business? Think again, honey. You need zero supporting players in this game, the epilator is the hero of our story. No water, no soap, no hot wax, no hair-strewn shower floors. Yikes.
  • Need to prep for a last-minute Tinder date? Need to keep your work trip stubble-free from start to end? Portable enough to toss into an overflowing suitcase and quick enough to nail a rushed buzz, epilators are mad convenient. Period.
  • Can’t do this s**t every other week? Don’t. With continued epilation, hair follicles become damaged, leading to finer regrowth. No pokey stubble for our vajayjay dearest. Also, an epilator removes shorter strands than its competitors, as tiny as 0.5mm. Just sayin’.
  • Absolutely amazing for women with sensitive skin, you no longer need to deal with the overcoming fear of wax rashes or razor burns. As the gadget doesn’t tug at your skin to pull out the strands, it leaves you with zero skin problems.
  • Lastly, addressing my qualms about spreading legs before a random waxing aunty. I’m sure most of my girl squad would get my inability of being so casual with baring it all in the salon down the street. So, ladies, just Do-It-Yourself.
Tips For Bikini Epilation
Let’s face it, a perfectly hairless bikini line is the stuff of dreams. And the path to turn it into reality is never easy. Keep this woman-to-woman talk in mind when you’re epilating your shiz down there and you’ll crush all roadblocks in no time, babe.
  • Epilating longer than usual hair can be a recipe for disaster. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Trim your pubes beforehand to prevent the strands getting tangled in the rotating tweezers. Ouch.
    Go for: Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Expert
  • Remember to move the epilator quickly. Yes, you might have to run it several times over the same area, but the faster you are, the less pain you’ll feel. Geddit?
  • Pull the skin taut. It’ll make the entire deal more effective, less painful and free of accidents.
  • Make sure you use the right head. Epilators usually come with several attachments, so take your time to identify the one designed for your vagster.
  • Make your investment wisely. Look for an epilator that is equipped with adjustable speed settings, so you have the control based on the hair thickness. A sensitive area attachment and a pivotal head are also appreciated.
    Go for: Braun Silk - Epil 7-561 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator 
  • Also, look for a wet-and-dry epilator that can be used in the shower as well. Warm water opens pores, so the process hurts less.
    Go for: Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator
  • Never exfoliated down there? Maybe it’s time to begin. Scrubbing off dead skin opens pores and makes hair removal easier and less painful.
    Go for: MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub
  • Keep the epilator exactly perpendicular to your skin for best results. Yep, we know the best angle.
  • Once you’re done, apply Aloe Vera gel or Coconut oil to soothe the poor area. If you’re feeling too fancy, freeze Chamomile Tea into ice cubes in advance and apply immediately after.
    Go for: The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel, Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Thoroughly clean the device once you’re done, lest you don’t mind infecting your skin when you use it next. Cleaning alcohol cleans up pretty well. Also, just putting it out there, you cannot and should not share your epilator with anyone else. Duh.

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