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I Tried Lakmé Skin Serums and Here’s My Honest Take

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Nykaa editor reviews the range of Lakmé Skin serums. These active concoctions work on a range of concerns, from a weakened barrier to textured skin. Scroll ahead for ways to add these formulas to your pre-existing AM/PM skincare routines.
Dial Up Your Glam With Lakmé’s Glitterati Collection

The new year is right around the corner, giving us a brand new opportunity to reinvent ourselves. As someone with a quintessential love-hate relationship with my skin, I wish to direct efforts and energies into making things right – my only resolution for the year. This means – adhering to a strict regimen with result-oriented products that bode well for my skin type. Luckily enough, I got a wee bit of a headstart on my stratagem with the superior range of Lakmé Skin Serums.

Scroll further for my experience with these showstopping offerings.

My Experience With Lakmé Skin Serums

The homegrown brand Lakmé has been my go-to for all things beauty all these years – from long-lasting lippies to wallet-friendly base essentials. So, when I learnt that the brand was launching a superior crop of skin serums, I had to get my hands on them. Keeping aside by bias as a true Lakmé loyalist, these new offerings do justice to the hype. More on this ahead!

1. Lakmé Lumi Smooth Serum with 8% AHA - BHA - PHA+ Complex for Luminous Skin & Improved Texture

Lakmé Lumi Smooth Serum with 8% AHA - BHA - PHA
Lakmé Lumi Smooth Serum with 8% AHA - BHA - PHA
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If you must know, textured skin has been the bane of my existence. I have grappled with acne most of my life (still do) and have heavy scarring or pockmarks as a result. But ever since I started using the Lumi Smooth Serum by the OG brand, there have been visible improvements in the quality of my skin. The peeling formulation is gentle yet meticulous, gently exfoliating all imperfections with a pat or two.

Behind the Formula: If you’re in the same boat as me and wish to try this serum – here’s the science behind it. The high-performing Lakmé serum boasts a melody of AHAs, BHAs, and B3. For the unversed, AHA exfoliates dead-dried cells from the dermis, unveiling a smooth surface sitting underneath. BHA deplugs the pores, cutting excess oil and grime for an impeccably radiant canvas. Furthermore, the star ingredient B3 serves a fountain of youth by restoring the skin’s elasticity.

Why Will I Restock This Product: If you are textured skin girly (due to acne, massive pores, skin congestion), you probably know the struggle of achieving base perfection. Personally, before adding this serum to my rotation, I could never get my foundation to look silky smooth – it always appeared blotchy and uneven on application. The Lakmé Lumi Smooth Serum with 8% AHA - BHA - PHA has changed my beauty game for the better. Need I say more?

2. Lakmé Dew Drama Serum, 6% Vit B3, E, F & Pro-Ceramides for Skin Barrier & Dewy Radiance

Lakmé Dew Drama Serum
Lakmé Dew Drama Serum, 6% Vit B3, E, F & Pro-Ceramides for Skin Barrier & Dewy Radiance
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No glowstick can achieve the radiance emanating from healthy skin – I firmly believe in this notion. Due to continued exposure to pollution, extreme temperatures, and aggressors, my skin often looks beat and lifeless. To take matters into my own hands, I added the Dew Drama Serum into my AM/PM regimen. Almost ten days into using the concoct, the results were jaw-dropping!

Behind the Formula: This one-of-a-kind Lakmé Serum is game-changing. It is packed with pro-ceramides that create a protective barrier on the skin, battling pollution and external irritants. Vitamin F in the blend seals moisture into the skin, doubling down on efforts for a strong acid mantle. Vitamin E, a skincare workhorse, extends multiple benefits. It alleviates irritation, inflammation, and defies premature signs of ageing.

Why Will I Restock This Product: It is the ideal precursor for my makeup. It helps reinstate my skin’s natural radiance with minimal efforts.

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