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Less Is More: Minimalistic Hairstyles To Try This Season

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If there’s a time to learn how to achieve that perfectly blown-out tresses with bombshell waves, it’s now. Think a laid-back, minimal vibe, where nonchalance trumps neatness.

It’s perfect for minimalists, who like that no-fuss look.

Take cues from these simple hairstyles which offer all the fun without any of the work.

minimalist & simple hairstyles – messy bun

1. The messy bun:

Now a Meghan Markle signature, this style has been beloved by girls who want to look like they’ve got a hairdo in place, but one that doesn’t try too hard. The messy bun is another forever-cool style, and is forgiving of most hair textures and lengths. You can choose to blow dry your hair and then create one, or go with your existing hair texture—both work well. Whatever you choose, make sure you boost the volume of your hair with a texturizer like Sebastian Professional Texture Maker or Forest Essentials Bhringraj and Shikakai Hair Thickening Spray. Spritz it into the roots on damp hair if you’re blow drying, or into dry hair if you’re going with your natural texture. Without neatly arranging your hair, pull it back and fasten with pins or a hair tie. Make sure some strands are loose and can frame the face.

2. The slicked back sweep:

In no situation does this hairstyle disappoint. Slicked back hair has so many benefits: 1. it’s always super ‘fashion’—you’ll never feel fuddy in it 2. The style works like a mini face lift, making the wearer look lifted and sculpted 3. It’s so democratic that anyone can achieve it, no matter the look, condition, length and texture of your hair 4. It’s super easy to create. Comb back dry hair and spray liberally with a strong hair spray like Kevin.Murphy Session.Spray Strong Hold Styling Hair Spray. Comb that through the hair, and slick it back the way you want, using bobby pins to help secure any sections that pop out. Blast dry with a hairdryer on hot, till the spray sets.

minimalist & simple hairstyles – the sliced back sweep
minimalist & simple hairstyles – the beach swept wave

3. The beach swept wave:

Surfer girls and rockers have something in common—a hairstyle which spells cool no matter the occasion or setting. Mid-to-long lengths and hair of any texture can work this look. Spray damp hair with a salt spray like Balmain Paris Texturizing Salt Spray and blast dry it if you have straight hair, or air dry if your hair is wavy or curly. Twist a small section of hair around your finger and wrap the strand roughly around a 1-inch curling iron. Do this randomly around the head to a few strands, to shape and define certain pieces. Rub a tiny bit of hair wax or clay into your fingers and run them through the ends of your hair, to provide that beachy, wind-whipped texture to the ends.

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