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Let’s Talk Panty Liners. Fancy Or Non-Negotiable?

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What are panty liners used for

Amidst the debate about what’s better – sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups or cloth pads – we’ve brushed the key participant of the P-game under the carpet. Yep, panty liners have been around for a while, but most women still aren’t sure about how important they are. Well, we’re in the mood of getting this slightly eeky conversation out of the way, so join right in.

What is a panty liner? How is it different from a sanitary napkin?

A panty liner is basically a thinner and smaller version of your usual pad buddy. It pretty much works the same way except for the fact that a panty liner isn’t meant for absorbing heavy menstrual flow, as opposed to big brother.

Why do I need to use panty liners?

Unlike its peers, a panty liner isn’t specifically designed only for when Aunt Flo is in town. In fact, we have reasons to believe that a blessed pack of panty liners can be a save on the most embarrassing days. Here’s why.

1. For most women including us, the last days of our period are more frustrating than the first few, simply because Miss. P. is in the mood of hide and seek. She’s gone and that’s what she wants you to think and then she’s back for a final see off. Dammit. Good thing, panty liners got our back. Perfectly sized, comfortable protection for days when you’re spotting.

2. Vaginal discharge isn’t news to anybody. That damp, uncomfortable feeling in your panties isn’t welcome at all, thank you very much. To maintain optimum vaginal hygiene, line your undies with this tiny saviour and enjoy that ‘all-day long freshness and comfort’ that advertisements keep talkin’ about. 

3. Quick Fact: Urinary incontinence, or bladder leaks, are more common than you think. If you happen to pee a little every time you’re stressed, anxious or just in a sudden fit of laughter or a sneeze fest, stop with the self-induced embarrassment and start with the solution. Panty liners provide adequate protection to such untimely pee oopsies, so you can finally stop stressing about lousy bladder control. 

4. With the rising number of women hit by the PCOD/PCOS storm, an unpredictable menstrual cycle has become quite the norm. For women who simply cannot count the days to their next cycle, always carrying a bunch of liners in their handbag is the way to go. This way you won’t be caught by surprise (or rather shock) and will have basic protection until you gain access to stronger sanitary hygiene.

5. We all know at least one woman who leaks like a bloody tap and is constantly petrified of leakages, especially when she’s using a tampon or a menstrual cup. Add a trusted panty liner to the equation and you have an extra layer of protection for all those just-in-case moments. 

What are the best panty liners?

best panty liners- pinq polka

1. PINQ POLKA Cotton Feel Daily Liners

What’s so special: Premium organic cotton top sheet cover for extra comfort that lasts all day long, perfect for on-the-go women.

2. SIRONA Ultra-Thin Premium Panty Liners

What’s so special: Every panty liner is powered with a pink Anion chip that has antibacterial properties, so you can go for a minimum of eight hours without worrying about rushing to the loo.

best panty liners- Sirona panty liners
pee safe panty liners

3. Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners

What’s so special: Each liner is crafted with a cottony-soft surface infused with Aloe Vera that keeps bacterial infection at bay. Not to forget, the fresh fragrance of Aloe manages vaginal odour effectively.

4. Carmesi Panty Liners - Designed for Sensitive Skin - 60 Pcs

What’s so special: Made with the finest natural ingredients, this range ensure that your queen isn’t exposed to harmful synthetics. Plus, the biodegradable nature of the liners and their wrappers give a new meaning to the word ‘eco-friendly’.

best panty liners- carmesi
best panty liners- stonesoup petals

5. Sanfe Organic Panty Liners Biodegradable Panty Liners - 25 Pcs

What’s so special: Do your bit towards the environment by opting for these soft, hypo-allergenic, cloth panty liners. Leak-proof, reusable and sustainable.

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