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The Best Panty Liners for Added Period Protection

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Best Panty Liners

Everyone needs a backup. A panty liner is just that, a backup and an extra layer of protection that leaves you feeling fresh down there. It lives for all the times you’re left unprepared. And let’s face it, haven’t we all been through this anxiety? And the tougher your access to a loo, the more intense your anxiety. So why not put it to rest with a good panty liner?

What is a panty liner?

A panty liner is a thin absorbent feminine hygiene product that can be worn every day for adequate protection. Think of it as the smaller, slimmer and a more convenient cousin of the bulkier pad.

What are panty liners for?

A panty liner protects you from spotting and keeps your intimate area fresh and clean. This absorbent fabric is used to manage daily vaginal discharge, perspiration, light menstrual flow and urinary incontinence in a hygienic and safe way.

Benefits of Using Panty Liners

Did you know you could use a panty liner to avoid embarrassing underarm sweat spots? Well yes, you can strategically place it to prevent the sweat from soaking your favorite tee. Although this is a life hack, panty liners are specially designed for different purposes that help maintain the health of your queen V.

  • What if we told you don’t have to think twice before wearing your favorite pair of white trousers anymore? Because a panty liner will effectively save your pristine whites from unannounced visits by Aunt Flo.
  • So you laughed a lot and ended up peeing a bit? Our bladder is known to give away even during a sneeze fest but with a panty liner, you need not make awkward sprints to the loo any longer.
  • Just when you think you’re done for the month (yay), a special bloody appearance upsets your day (and your mood). For moments like these when your period deserves a slow clap, whine less and line your panties more.
  • Every time you plan a hiking trip, probably the only thing that ruins your excitement is the fear of no accessible loos? Well, a panty liner will ensure comfort throughout the day, break or no break.
  • If you’re wearing a tampon or a menstrual cup and are still not 100% convinced about their efficiency, you can use a panty liner as a backup against leakage.
  • If you work out extensively, you know dealing with more discharge is inevitable. Instead, avoid the constant discomfort by making this tiny savior a part of your workout sessions. Treadmill speed? Higher, please.
  • There’ll always be a washroom with no stock of toilet roll and for times like these, a panty liner ensures a dry, breathable environment in your panties.
  • Guilty of avoiding those fitted yoga pants only to avoid the wretched ‘camel toe’? You can wear a panty liner horizontally to ensure a smug, seamless fit. Now where are those hot pants, honey?

How to Use Panty Liner

Step 1: Unwrap the panty liner and peel the paper along the center to expose the adhesive below. Do not throw the wrapper yet, you’ll need it for disposal later.

Step 2: Now securely place the panty liner, with the sticky side facing down, over the center of your panties.

Step 3: Now wear your panties as usual and go about your day.

How to Remove Panty Liner

Step 1:  Hold the front end of the panty liner and peel it off the center of your panties.

Step 2: Once the liner is out, wrap it in the wrapper and throw in the bin.

Step 3: For hygiene purposes, wash your hands with soap and rinse with water.

Precautions for Panty Liners’ Use:

  • Avoid wearing a panty liner overnight. You need to let your skin breathe to prevent rashes.
  • Do not use a panty liner for the heavy flow days. Leave that job to the big babies – your tampons, pads and menstrual cups.
  • To avoid vaginal infections, change your panty liner every 4 hours, especially when damp.
  • Unscented panty liners lower the chances of itching or inflammation down there.
  • If you’ve sensitive skin, stick to organic cotton panty liners that are safe for everyday use.

Best Panty Liners

Check out our list of the best panty liners for when things get a bit unpredictable down there.

Reusable Panty Liner- Stonesoup Mandya Panty Liners

1. Stonesoup Mandya Panty Liners

We’re calculating the amount of money we can save every month by treating ourselves with a reusable panty liner. And it’s HUGE! Enter: Stonesoup Mandya Panty Liners. These handmade eco-friendly, washable panty liners ensure a hygienic and rash-free environment for pretty Miss. V down there. And it’s hypoallergenic which makes it safe for sensitive skin too.

2. Bella Herbs Verbena Breathable Normal Pantyliners

Irregular cycles getting on your nerves? Well, it’s time you bring in a panty liner that’s designed to provide more than just comfort. The Bella Herbs Verbena Breathable Normal Pantyliners contain Verbana extracts which have a soothing effect that can gradually regulate your cycle. Coupled with Magic Gel, this Bella panty liner also prevents rashes and infections.

Best Panty Liner- Bella Panty Liner
Best Panty Liner- Happy Time Panty Liner

3. Happy Time Panty Liner

If you’re looking for a panty liner that saves you from not just infection but also from vaginal odor, look no further than the Happy Time Panty Liner. It features a super absorbent polymer for protection against bladder leaks. What makes it even better is its 2X extra length and broader width for all night protection. We’re talking a good night’s sleep.

4. PINQ Everyday Box (Pantyliner) - 25 Premium Cotton Feel Ultra Slim Panty Liners

The PINQ Everyday Box (Pantyliner) features liners with a soft organic cotton sheet that gives you a comfortable experience. Moreover, its size and absorbency power keeps you from ruining any more fancy panties you’ve been desperately trying to save. The best part? The liners come with a disposable pouch which makes the disposal easy. And can we drool over its cute packaging, please?

Best Panty Liner- PINQ Everyday Panty Liner
Best Panty Liner- Pee Safe Panty Liner

5. Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners

Why settle for a plain panty liner when you can treat your vajayjay to the calming goodness of Aloe Vera? We’re talking anti-microbial protection and a subtle fragrance for all day freshness. The Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners with cotton sheet absorbs vaginal discharge and can also be used during the early and last days of your period when the flow is minimal. While the surface coverage is optimal, the comfort is equally good in this Pee Safe panty liner.

6. Wahey Perfumed Panty Liners

A panty liner with a subtle hint of fragrance can overshadow unsettling vaginal odor. That’s why the Wahey Perfumed Panty Liners pack is a blessing for daily wear as it can neutralize any unpleasant smell. What makes it even more convenient is that it’s gentle and comes in a large fit, making it ideal for all body types. And it’s also surprisingly lightweight, considering the amount of discharge it can handle. Winning combo, we say.

Best Panty Liner- Wahey Perfumed Panty Liner
Best Panty Liner- SIRONA Ultra-Thin Panty Liner

7. SIRONA Ultra-Thin Small Panty Liners

What offers 8 hours of breathable protection, with its ultra-slim yet multilayer absorption build? Well, the right answer is SIRONA Ultra-Thin Small Panty Liners. The panty liner comes with a pink Anion chip which you didn’t know you need. This chip provides anti-bacterial protection so you can consider yourself safe from avoidable infections. And the 100% organic cotton material makes it soft and breathable for daily wear.

FAQs on Panty Liner

1. When should you wear a pad and a panty liner?

A pad is ideal for the heavy flow days during your period while a panty liner should be worn during the beginning and the end of your period, when the flow is lighter.

2. How often should one change panty liner?

The panty liner is meant to be used for an entire day and removed before sleeping at night. But if the discharge is heavy and the liner feels damp, it is advisable to change to a new one.

3. Why should one wear a panty liner?

A panty liner offers regular protection against vaginal perspiration, vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow and urinary incontinence. This lightweight pad also helps prevent dampness to ensure optimum vaginal hygiene.

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4. What are some of the best panty liners?

1. Sofy Daily Fresh Pantyliner

2. PINQ POLKA Cotton Feel Daily Liners – 25 Premium Ultra Slim Pantyliners

3. SanNap Anion Anti Bacterial Panty Liners

4. Whisper Daily Liners Clean & Fresh – Normal

5. Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners

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