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Lip Masks And Scrubs That Actually Work

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Best Lip Masks & Lips Scrubs For Dark and Dry Lips

While marketing gimmicks continue to fool gullible beauty consumers, we decided to take matters into our own hands to save a couple of highly misunderstood gems that got sucked into this pool of injustice. Lip masks and scrubs. We spent the past month doing our homework to achieve soft, healthy lips. Our benchmark? Hailey Bieber (what, have you seen her lips?). But hold on. Before you snicker at our touchstone, please allow us to flaunt all the groundwork we put into this carefully designed list.

Post all the digging, we’re pretty convinced that exfoliating and masking your pout is your one-way ticket to elegant, pillowy lips. It’s possible. Thus, without further ado we’ve listed six solid lip masks and scrubs to lean on mid-commute, between deadlines or even if it’s just on a blah rainy day. These bi-weekly formulas promise to reveal perfectly primed lips.

Best Lip Masks & Scrubs For Soft Lips

Best Lip Mask – Etude House Cherry Lips Patch

ETUDE HOUSE Cherry Jelly Lips Patch

Care for some dessert for your lips? Thought as much. the ETUDE HOUSE Cherry Jelly Lips Patch. Formulated with vitalizing Cherry extracts, this lip shaped hydro gel patch that delivers a surge of hydration upon contact. Slap this mask on right before you head out to meet your girlfriends and they’re going to notice the difference. Take it from us.


TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

There’s nothing remotely attractive about thirsty, flaky lips (especially if you have a date this weekend). So, when you feel your lips turning scaly, reach out for the TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch. Amped up with a harmony of Vitamin C, Strawberries and Blueberries, this serum-packed hydrogel promises to moisturize and plump your lips, leaving them soft and kissable. It’s sure to leave you (and your special someone) nothing short of smitten. Tee-hee.

Best Lip Mask – Tonymoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch
Best Lip Mask For Dry Lips

DearPacker Plum Seed Sleeping Lip Mask

Go to bed with the DearPacker Plum Seed Sleeping Lip Mask. This heavy-duty balm works as an overnight lip mask that melts stubborn dead skin cells and provides abundant moisture to lips while you snooze. If you’re the sort that wears lip makeup on a regular basis, you should consider stocking on this ASAP. Topped with Virgin Plum Oil and Manuka Honey, this sleeping mask is also tailor-made for chronically dry lips.


Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Scrub

Here’s a little something for the vegans. The one and only Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Scrub. This fine sugar scrub exfoliates your lips by removing dead skin with the power of Murumuru Seed Butter. Apply this pretty pink formula and scrub for a good 3-4 minutes for a rich boost of hydration. Warning. The packaging is so adorable that your friends might try to take a scoop or two from the tub. Just saying.

Best Lip Scrub for Dry Lips – Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Scrub
Best Lip Scrub for Dark Lips – Gaia Aromatherapy Citurs for Dark Lips scrub

Gaia Aromatherapy Citurs For Dark Lips Scrub

If you have dark lips today is your lucky day (we’re looking at you, smokers). To achieve lighter lips, you might want to consider getting your hands on an organic scrub infused with pure oils to scrub all the pigmentation away. If you ask us, the Gaia Aromatherapy Citurs For Dark Lips Scrub actually made a HUGE difference. Use this cruelty-free scrub once a week you’ll be surprised at the results.


BLISCENT Cake Frosting Lip Scrub

For starters, this scrub tastes like sweet butter frosting. Whipped with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, the BLISCENT Cake Frosting Lip Scrub is currently an editor-favorite (because it works). This delectable formula energizes cells as it buffs to perfection. Repeat the process twice a week for faster results. Oh, it smells so good you could eat it. Well, this time I guess you can have the cake and eat it too?

Best Lip Scrubs- Bliscent cake frosting lip scrub
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