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Nykaa’s ultimate go-to hair brush guide

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A lot of women underestimate the importance of a good hair brush. A hair brush can very literally make or break your hair! Fret not, ladies, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down and get the skinny on everything you need to know about the various kinds of hair brushes & combs for every kind of hair.

Presenting the different hair brush types:


Gorgio Professional Round Hair Brush Roller 53Mm GRB0057

Consider this brush your holy grail for all your blow-out needs. The medium evaluated brush is blessed with flexible bristles that can be used to quickly style your tresses. What's more: It smoothly glides through the hair in order to detangle in a snag-free manner. PS: This is suitable for medium to long hair. 
hair brush types- round hair brush roller
hair brush types- paddle brush

Paddle Brush

Think of the Paddle brush as your hair’s best friend. It will be there for you through ANY kind of hair emergency! Perfect for all kinds of hair types, not only does it flatten frizz but is also ideal for a flawless blow-out.

Round Brush

Observe a no-heat policy for your precious hair; skip the curling iron and get gorgeous, voluminous curls with the help of a round hair brush. Remember, the smaller the brush, the tighter the curls. A hair dryer and a round brush work well together to pull off any hairstyle! Opt for this kind of brush to easily adapt various kinds of hairdos.
hair brush types- round brush
hair brush types- teasing brush

Teasing Brush

Fabulously teased hair will NEVER phase out of the trend radar. A teasing hair brush is suitable for all hair lengths. This brush gently ‘teases’ the roots of your hair, giving it a much-needed boost. Bid adieu to all your thin hair related woes with a teasing brush and get fuller, voluminous hair instantly.

De-tangling Hair Brush

Having a de-tangling brush in your vanity kits is literally a no-brainer. A de-tangling brush is made of soft, flexible bristles that are gentle on your hair and don’t snag or pull at roots. Pro tip: Always comb damp hair with a de-tangling hair brush to avoid damage!
hair brush types- de-tangling hair brush
hair comb types- wide toothed table comb

Kent Authentic Handmade Wide toothed Large Dressing Table Comb

Using a wide-toothed hair comb paves the way to a healthy and thoroughly hydrated mane. It is absolutely advisable to use this kind of a comb while conditioning your hair as it provides the right amount of moisture; nourishment to the very last strand of your hair.
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