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Swap boring monochromes and neutrals for pops, swathes and subtle swipes of vibrant color, used cleanly and creatively. Here, we show you our favorite Holi makeup looks, with different range of colorful makeup palettes & looks sourced from runways and red carpets.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Holi makeup looks to go for this Holi!

  • TRUE BLUE To-Dos

    Blue is making waves again, in all its ocean-inspired hues. We love this versatile color, because it looks gorgeous on any skin tone – and there’s so many different shades to work with, from aquamarine to smoldering cobalt or an icy, electric blue. It’s a simple and elegant must try eye makeup for Holi.

    This way: Sweep a soft kohl pencil like Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil - Blue Topaz across your waterline, with a slight, irreverent smudge.

    That way: Want the blues without committing to the color all the way? Glaze instead! Swap your regular highlighter or eyeshadow with a holographic one like Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter to get a unicorn-tinged touch.

    All the way: Hang up your black smoky for a blue, mermaid-esque one with smudgy liner and NELF USA HD Custom Pro Palette Eyeshadow in Deep Aqua, smoked out with a darker blue at the edges.

  • Art Deco LINER

    The kohled eye might be native to our country but it’s received arty upgrades. Black’s given way to blues, purples, reds and glitters, and the ages-old waterline swipe is losing fans to geometric lines, negative-space cat eyes and inner-corner art. Perfect and something unique for your Holi festival makeup.

    This way: Beginners need not fear. There’s a subtle way to do this. Just use a little bit of glitter or white liner in a dash or curved line starting from the inner corner and outward for about a centimetre.

    That way: What’s a negative cat eye? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just define the regular shape of a cat eye with a thin-tipped deep blue or dark purple liner like Nykaa GLAMOReyes Liquid Liner in Chaotic Calypso or Poisonous Plum, and conveniently forget to fill it in.

    All the way: Everyone’s done a grown-up, glittery lid once, but have you ever tried using it as liner instead? Use a fine-tipped brush to apply Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Glitter Single – Karma between the lashes on your waterline for disco-defined peepers.

  • Redefining your REDS

    Your good old red is never going to go out of style – it’s just been repurposed for dramatically different beauty looks to fit every mood. Go French with fire-engine lips and nothing else, simmer down with a broody, sip-of-wine stain or make a real statement with marsala lids.

    This way: The Twilight-approved vamp lip is so very in. Use a sheer lip stain like L’Oreal Paris’ Tint Caresse in Plum Blossom, dabbed along the center of your lips and spread outward like you’ve just had a sip of Merlot.

    That way: If you’re a matte loyalist, we’re not going stop you doing you – just invoke your inner Parisian and SUGAR’s Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick in 01 Scarlett O'Hara, a beautiful pop on an otherwise bare face. 

    All the way: Feel like being a bit extra? Well, bloodshot eyes have red carpet approval now. Get yourself some marsala eyeshadow like Stars Cosmetics Eye Chrome Palette – Black Cherry / Cranberry Orange / Cinnamon Pink, smoked out at the edges and the waterline with a dark brown.

  • NO CHILL Eyeshadow

    We all tend to stick to tried-and-tested, subtle colors with our eyeshadow, but ‘tis the season for experimenting with colors. Wear the sunset on your lids, go ravey with an acid-bright wash or take the Pantone Color of the Year a little too seriously – whatever you do, make sure to have a lot of heckin’ fun! 

    This way: Slay your night out with a purple haze. Use 2018’s Pantone fave, ultraviolet, and sprinkle some fairy dust on the corners to offset the hue. All you need is Maybelline New York’s Sensational Diamonds Eye Shadow in Tourmaline Purple and LA Colors Iced Pigment Powder in Glam.

    That way: If you have zero idea how to do a smoky, a simple wash of color is fine too. L.A. Girl’s Beauty Brick Eyeshadow – Neons is a palette full of electric colors to amp up your eye with. Just remember to limit the color to the lid area below your brow bone.

    All the way: When we said experiment with colors, we meant business. Get a Casablanca gaze by creating a gradient with yellow eyeshadow that gives way to orange, and deep red. All that sunset layer cake requires is Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette.

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