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Our Favorite Dove Hair Care Superstars Are Now Revamped

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best shampoo for hair from Dove
Time to swap the Dove beauties sitting on your bath rack with their refurbished versions ‘cause the brand has changed the way they look. Yep, our favorite hair care brand is now even better.
With a brand-new logo, benefit oriented names, and color-based packaging for quicker variant recognition – this new range is all your tresses need. So, whatever your hair concern, the solution lies on this page itself. Go find.

Dove Hair Care Range

best shampoo for hair damage repair

1. Intensive Repair

Be it heat damage or environmental stress, this one has reparative powers like no other. While the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo visibly rebuilds damaged hair from within, the Dove Intense Repair Conditioner detangles and improves manageability. Enriched with Keratin Repair Actives, this range undoes all that hair stress. 

2. Daily Shine

In contrast to popular belief, there’s nothing wrong in washing your hair every day, provided you stick to a gentle formula that doesn’t strip the scalp of its natural oils. Just like the Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and the Dove Daily Shine Conditioner. Protects your mane from daily wear and tear, so you’re left with a squeaky-clean scalp at all times.
best shampoo for hair shine
best shampoo for hair nourishment

3. Nourishing Oil Care

Frizzy hair? Don’t care, ‘cause these will do the needful. Enter the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo. Enriched with Nutri-Oils, this nourishing formula controls frizz and guarantees 100% smoothness. It’s non-greasy too, so it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Basically, your answer to coarse, unmanageable tresses.

4. Split End Rescue

Love waist-grazing hair but somehow you never manage to reach that length, thanks to ever-so-consistent split ends? Time to put an end to the split end story with the Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo. Especially formulated to repair broken strands, this bottled wonder reconstructs existing split ends and avoids new ones.
best shampoo for hair with split ends
best shampoo for hair fall

5. Hairfall

When every corner of your house starts narrating your tragic hairfall story, be sure that things have gotten out of hand. It’s a good thing that the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner are truly godsend. Containing Nutrilock Actives that strengthen hair from root to tip, this formula will show instant results on your pillowcase, hair brush, and hair tie.

6. Dandruff Care

Flaky dandruff getting the better out of your social life? Now that is depressing. But why worry when the Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo has got your back? Formulated with ZPTO, a clinically proven anti-dandruff treatment, this beauty acts on the origin of dandruff right from the first wash. Smoother, flake-free locks are now possible.
best shampoo for hair dandruff
best shampoo for hair dryness

7. Dryness Care

Not only do dry locks look terribly unhealthy, but they are also more prone to breakage, which is why we swear by this Pro-Moisture Complex enriched range. While the Dove Dryness Care Shampoo helps fortify strands against daily damage, the Dove Dryness Care Conditioner provides ample moisture to dehydrated tresses.

8. Oxygen Moisture

Limp, lifeless locks… here’s your breath of fresh air. Needless to say, the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and the Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner are one of a kind. With an Oxyfusion technology, this formula breathes life into fine hair. This volumizing wonder range adds a natural bounce to flat locks without weighing it down.
best hair conditioner and shampoo for dryness
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