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Quick Hacks To Deal With Wedding Day Emergencies

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THE day is here and all eyes on you girl! Unfortunately, beauty emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere and brides are NOT exempt. Fret not, we have just the fixes for every possible beauty crisis.

Read on to know about wedding day hacks for every kind of wedding day problems:

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#1 You woke up with puffy under-eyes

Time to put a spoon to good use, a couple of frozen ones actually. Put two metal teaspoons in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes while you drink a tall glass of lemon water. Once the spoons are frosty, lay them on your eyelids face up, with the rounded part in full contact with your lid. Keep in place for a few minutes to dramatically reduce swelling.
Want to know a cheat? A dab of haemorrhoid cream under eyes can tighten up skin and reduce puffiness in a minute. But use just a little and don’t get it into your eyes. Don’t do it too often because it can dry out the delicate skin.

#2 Woken up to a giant zit…eeeks!

Ideally you should have your dermatologist on speed dial who can inject the pimple with cortisone to shrink it immediately. Not an option? Then try and reduce the redness as much as you can and then use your best concealing mastery to hide it. To reduce redness dab on mint flavoured white toothpaste on the spot and leave on as long as possible. Then wipe off and use a flesh colored BB cream that heals and conceals. Finally, dab on some concealer on the bump and pat down with powder to matte it down.

#3 The expensive manicure…ruined!

Woke up to find that pricey polish smudged? Not a problem. Just use a Q-Tip to apply a dab of nail polish remover to the damaged area. This will remove rough polish bits and smooth away the edges. Let your nail dry, then apply clear nail polish, and when that dries a coat of your original color. As a precaution, never store nail polish in your vanity unless it’s in a zip lock bag. A nail polish spill will result in a bigger beauty emergency!

#4 Your nail broke

A broken nail is a tad more complicated, but solvable. Just ensure your emergency beauty kit contains an emery board or nail file. Simply file down the broken part and apply a fresh coat of polish.
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#5 Your mascara’s run and you look like raccoon

Sometimes even the most water-resistant mascara can run. If that happens use a wet Q-Tip to remove it off your face. Touch up your under-eye area with concealer, foundation and setting powder. If the streaks are water-resistant, try a dab of Vaseline on a Q tip. It’ll removes everything from runny mascara to stray eyeliner, and even errant lipstick.

#6 Your hair is so straight, hair pins simply slide off

Quick trick: simply hairspray your bobby pins before sliding them on! Lay all your hair pins on a paper towel and spritz with hair spray. Once they dry, they’ll have a sticky coating on them that will help hold hair for longer.

#7 Even long stays lipsticks don’t stay long

The trick, dear girl, is to apply concealer on your lips. Wait five minutes then line your lips, fill in your pout and apply your lipstick as usual. Your pout will stay colored up all through the kisses and champagne.

#8 The heels are pretty but the shoe bite is killing you

You need to apply clear deodorant on your heels to prevent blisters. Let it dry and then slip on your footwear. The deodorant forms a protective barrier between your skin and shoe, reducing the friction that causes blisters.
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#9 Your beautiful hairdo looks undone thanks to flyaways

Dab a little hand crème between your palms and gently swipe over your hairdo to tame fly-aways. This works better than hair spray that can make your hairdo look stiff and stern.

#10 Shine attacks ruining your makeup?

Forget blotting paper and try coffee filters instead. The quality of coffee filters is similar to that of an oil remover. Keep one niftily hidden in your hand and gently dab at the offending areas to keep your face matte.

#11 The dewy glow’s gone dull

Keep a rosy-nude lipstick handy and use it as a cream blush for touch-ups. Give the apples of your cheeks a swipe with the lipstick and blend well for that dewy glow all night. Just remember to blend it in well!

#12 Makeup on the ready

Instead of carting full sized makeup for your big day for touch ups, use a contact lens case to store small amounts of makeup like foundation or moisturizer. Simply squeeze a single-use amount into the closed compartments and shut tight. No spills and a breeze to carry.
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#13 Make your perfume last all day

You’ve got to know the right places to apply it. Spritz on your hair, behind your ears, on the inside of your elbows and down your back. You can even spray it behind your knees! Just remember to moisturize well first. Perfume clings to hydrated skin.

#14 Get rid of stains quickly

Wedding days can get hectic and spilling a drop (or two) is almost a given. To prevent your pricey outfit from getting permanently stained, gently dab—not rub—with a moist napkin. Dip the napkin in water or club soda. After the area dries, use a piece of chalk to gently cover any parts of the stain the club soda didn't remove. And of course, head to the dry cleaners as soon as you can.

#15 You broke the heel of your shoe

Your wedding should be memorable, not because you tumbled and fell on your face. First, practice walking around in those dizzy heels for a few days so that the soles get rougher and have a better grip.  And if the heels snap,, all is not lost. Just make sure some quick fix glue is handy in your emergency kit to glue the heel back together.

#16 Partied too hard the night before

Treat it as you would like any other hangover. Draw the curtains and try and sleep it off. When you’re ready, eat a carb-heavy breakfast. Think buttered toast, cereal and fruit. No eggs or dairy. Also load up on water. Drink two litres with a squeeze of lime and you should be as good as new!
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