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Say Aloha To Nykaa’s Wanderlust Hawaiian Jasmine Range

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Say Aloha To Nykaas Wanderlust Hawaiian Jasmine Range - 1
With its sandy beaches, technicolor coral reefs and landscapes begging for adventure, Hawaii is paradise on earth. If you’ve visited it, you’ll remember its sumptuous cuisines, its heart-warming culture, the feeling of your toes burrowed in the warm sand, and the smell of white jasmine blossoms swaying in the cool, summer breeze. If you haven’t been so lucky to have visited the land of hulas and luaus, get hold of the intensely aromatic Hawaiian Jasmine Wanderlust Bath & Body range from Nykaa and be instantly transported to the heart of Hawaii.
  1. Nykaa Wanderlust Shower Gel - Hawaiian Jasmine

    Bath time will be your favorite time of the day every day when you’ve got this shower gel in your bathing ritual. Not only does this lather perfectly while gently exfoliating and cleansing your skin, but it also leaves you smelling floral fresh and invigorated. What’s more, it’s enriched with Aloe Vera which deeply nourishes your skin so it’s always soft to the touch. Trust us when we say it’s the perfect way to start to your day.
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  2. Say Aloha To Nykaas Wanderlust Hawaiian Jasmine Range - 3

    Nykaa Wanderlust Body Scrub - Hawaiian Jasmine

    If you’re looking for smooth, glowing skin like we are, you know the importance of a good scrub in your skincare routine. That’s where this body scrub comes into the picture. It lathers indulgently, gently exfoliating your skin while the Aloe Vera Extracts and Jojoba Seed Oil provide that much-needed hydration. And that’s not all, this body scrub smells simply divine wrapping its sweet aroma around your skin like a hug that lingers on through the day.
  3. Nykaa Wanderlust Body Lotion - Hawaiian Jasmine

    Pamper your skin (and your senses) with this super smooth formulation that easily glides over your skin, gets instantly absorbed and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated for hours on end. It’s tailor-made to give you the skin you’ve always wanted. Enriched with Lotus Extracts, this body lotion with its long-lasting exotic Jasmine fragrance will have you daydreaming of your next holiday to the tropical islands nestled in the Pacific.
    Say Aloha To Nykaas Wanderlust Hawaiian Jasmine Range - 4
    Say Aloha To Nykaas Wanderlust Hawaiian Jasmine Range - 5

    Nykaa Wanderlust Body Milk - Hawaiian Jasmine

    If thick, sticky creams aren’t your cup of tea, get your hands on this body milk from Nykaa’s latest Wanderlust range. A super nourishing milk, it boasts of instant (but lightweight) hydration ensuring your skin is softer than you ever thought was possible. All you need are a few sprays for moisturized skin that lasts for hours. As a double benefit, the Green Tea Leaf Extracts and FCO protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. We’re sold!

    Nykaa Wanderlust Body Butter - Hawaiian Jasmine

    Maybe you’re a lush body butter kinda girl. Here’s a formula enriched with Shea Butter (OMG, yes!) that just melts into your skin nourishing it for hours and hours. It’s also got Jojoba See Oil to balance out that oiliness and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, that protects your skin from UV damage, free radicals and pollution. All in all, you’re left with the best skin you’ve ever had while being enveloped in the scent of Hawaiian Jasmine that’ll put a smile on your face.
    Say Aloha To Nykaas Wanderlust Hawaiian Jasmine Range - 6
    Say Aloha To Nykaas Wanderlust Hawaiian Jasmine Range - 7

    Nykaa Wanderlust Body Mist - Hawaiian Jasmine

    Can’t go on vacay right now but still feel like you want to get away? No problem. Just a few spritzes of this heavenly Hawaiian Jasmine body mist with its strong floral fragrance and you’ll be instantly transported to the colorful islands of Hawaii. The mist doesn’t just smell like your dream holiday in a bottle but it’s also refreshing and mood enhancing and will, no doubt, keep your head in the clouds all day long. ‘Coz it’s no secret that when you smell good, you feel good.
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