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Seven eye shadow mistakes you should avoid

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Peeper perfection is easier than you think
It seems like a pretty straightforward product; one swipe across the lids and you’re good to go. But wait! Nothing looks crazier than badly applied eye makeup. Eye shadows deserve a little more respect, especially with the slew of bold colors and pigments available today. Remember your eyes have dimensions that you can play up using eye shadow cleverly. Check out the eight most common eye shadow mistakes most women unwittingly make.

Check out the seven most common eye shadow mistakes most women unwittingly make.

Mistake # 1

How to use eyeshadow- eyeshadow mistake 1

Matching your eye shadow to your eye color (or clothes)

Rule of thumb: Never match your eye shadow to your eye color or clothes. “Matchy matchy is soooo old fashioned,” drawls celeb makeup artist Ojas Rajani. Sure, you can use a sparkly eye shadow from the same color family (glittery brown for dark brown eyes) but nothing more. Instead focus on glamming up your eyes with contrasting shades. In fact, eye color stands out when paired with eye shadow shades on the opposite side of the color wheel. Most Indian women have medium-dark brown eyes. “Brown is a neutral color and you can pretty much wear any color to play up your eyes. But, to make them really pop wear contrast shades like shimmery pale champagne shades or smoky effect charcoal gray.” Nykaa suggests Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow - Make It Happen (gray) and Inglot Freedom System AMC Eye Shadow Square Shine – 30“For bolder, glam evenings use a sharp contrast shade like purple,” she adds. Check out Inglot Freedom System AMC Eye Shadow Square Shine – 14. If you’re blessed with gray eyes, try orangey shades (at the opposite end of the grey spectrum) like peach, bronze and coppery shades. Click here to browse through these shades.

Mistake # 2

How to use eyeshadow- eyeshadow mistake 2

Forgetting to blend

“One of the commonest eye shadow mistakes is not blending enough,” declares makeup artist Arshis Javeri. “Blend well and then blend some more,” he says. While it’s great to experiment with different colors and ways of layering them on your lids, not blending enough can look tacky. The idea is to have a seamless, velvety finish with the color visible between the crease and brow bone. The quickest way of achieving this is using a blending brush like Panache Eye Shadow Brush Blender and moving it in left-right windshield wiper movements. Up your oomph quotient by blending different colors. Ideally, use no more than three colors on eyelids to keep the look wearable, says blogger and writer Ankita Chaturvedi. Try combining sunny yellow, watermelon pink and a warm blue. Just make sure that each layer is blended well so the final effect looks well finished.

Mistake # 3

How to use eyeshadow- eyeshadow mistake 3

Using the shadow applicator

It’s convenient to use the mini applicator or brush that comes with the eye shadow palette. However, sponge tip applicators tend to pick up a lot of pigment making blending tougher. Instead use a makeup brush that allows you to gradually add product to build the intensity you want. Take your pick from Bare Essentials Make Up Brushes Colorbar Eyelluring Eyeshadow Brush and Panache Eye Shadow Brush Blender.

Mistake # 4

How to use eyeshadow- eyeshadow mistake 4

Going too heavy below the eye

This is a common mistake but completely avoidable unless you’re aiming for a Goth look. Eye shadow tends to drag and bleed especially in humid conditions, giving you dark circles, making your face look tired. Dab the under-eye area with a concealer first and then apply eye shadow only on the lower lash line and not further below. Choose a yellow-based concealer shade under eyes. Nykaa likes L’Oreal Paris True Match Concealer and L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD.

Mistake # 5

How to use eyeshadow- eyeshadow mistake 5

Using very bold eye shadow shades

There are times when a gal wants to make a statement. Do so with a standout neck piece or bracelet. The last thing you should do is go extra bold with eye shadow unless it’s a Halloween party! “Metallic and bold eye shadow colors look vampish. Avoid these as far as possible,” says Rajani. Instead, she suggests going with natural looking, neutral colors such as brown, beige, taupe, gray and plum. Open your peepers with white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes and right below the brow. A common faux pas is mistaking sultry with bold. “For night’s out, keep eye shadow muted and dark,” suggests Javeri. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking loud and attracting attention for all the wrong reasons, he adds. Nykaa suggests L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres Eye Shadow and Faces Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Crayon

Mistake # 6

How to use eyeshadow- eyeshadow mistake 6

Using shimmery shadows on dry or crepey lids

The skin on your eyelids is delicate, prone to creases and lines. Using light reflecting shimmer shades on lids draws attention to lines and creases, ageing you beyond your years. Leave the shimmer and sparkle to girls in their 20s. You’re far better off selecting matte or satiny finish eye shadows for an ultra-glam look. Take your pick from Deborah 24Ore Velvet Eye Shadow and NYX Prismatic Eye Shadow 

Mistake # 7

How to use eyeshadow- eyeshadow mistake 7

Skipping eye liner and mascara

“It’s like going to work bare feet,” says Rajani. No matter how electric and striking your eye shadow, the only way to truly define your eyes is by finishing up with eyeliner and mascara. While eye shadow brightens the eyes, mascara and eye liner create the shape and outline. Javeri points out that the quickest way to add spit and polish to your look is a quick lashing of mascara as your step out the door. Hate liner because it smudges? Go with a liquid eyeliner or gel pencil that’s more resilient and stays in place for hours. Give L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H a try. Master the technique in front of the mirror a few times and then go wow your friends with your lively stare.
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