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Six Beauty Concerns…And Their Fixes

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It’s easy enough to ask a friend how her skin always seems to glow or why her lipstick never feathers. But there are some beauty questions that are harder to bring up. Smelly feet, bacne, dandruff, dark circles, most times we keep these problems to ourselves and muddle through best we can. Not anymore! Time to break the silence and tackle six of the worst beauty problems and their quick fixes.
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As if worrying about zits on your face wasn’t bad enough! Body and facial acne are both caused by your genetics; excess sebum production that clogs pores, causing breakouts. So that samosa or burger you ate isn’t to blame. So what to do? Shower as soon as you get back from work or a gym session to rinse off oil and sweat. Then use a gentle body wash with salicylic acid like Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash to reduce inflammation and unclog pores. Finally use a spot treatment gel like O3+ Dermal Zone Zitderm Acne & Pimple Cream on spots.
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Don’t opt for drastic measures! Simply trim the excess length and use the Vega Tweezer to remove the hairs connecting the two brows. Don’t remove so much hair that your brows are too far apart. Waxing isn’t a good idea because it’s hard to be precise about how much hair you rip off. But if you want to see it gone for good, try laser hair removal. Another way to fake tame brows is filling and defining with a brow pencil – try Nykaa Brow Chika WOW Eyebrow Pencil for a fuller but groomed look.
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Dark Circles
If dark under-eye circles are giving you sleepless nights, dab concealer in a triangular shape all the way from the inner corner of the eye downward and back up to the outer corner, gently patting to blend into the cheek area. This technique will give better coverage and blend all the different shades on your face better than if you were to only apply concealer under the eyes.
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Fine Hair
This isn’t a problem per se but voluminous beachy weaves are every girl’s dream look. Start by applying a thickening mousse like BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream after towel-drying. Blow dry with your head upside down and then gently brush out your hair with your head still upside down. Finally use a curling iron on dry hair for envious body and bounce.
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Dry or oily skin, or sensitivity to a styling product can cause dandruff. There are a host of anti-dandruff formulas like Schwarzkopf Bonacure Dandruff Control Shampoo or Kaya Anti Dandruff Lotion you can try. It’s also a good idea to ease up on styling products and sun exposure. One tried and tested home remedy: Mix equal quantities of apple cider vinegar and massage it into your scalp. Rinse with warm water and air-dry your strands. An overgrowth of fungus can also cause dandruff and vinegar is a natural fungicide that unclogs pores.
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Dark underarm skin
Tropical climes like ours cry out for tank tops and strappy dresses. But dark underarms can be a real party pooper. Common causes are inflammation caused by friction, shaving, buildup of sweat and dead cells. Solution? Lighten underarms by gently exfoliating with a Vitamin C rich exfoliating formula like Fabindia Orange Cinnamon Gel Scrub Body or Natio Orange Blossom Sea Salt Scrub. You might also try a mild over-the-counter steroid cream to lighten skin. Finally, opt for laser hair removal instead of shaving.
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