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#Skimmunity: Plant-Based Skincare Is Taking Over

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Best Natural Skin Care Products for You

The future of skincare is plant-based. The recent (unsettling) times have compelled us to grow closer to our roots, deriving the best from nature, and saying no to harmful chemicals and harsh toxins. But this new paraben-free, no-toxin skincare world has much, much more to offer.

Remember six months ago when we had no major concerns whatsoever about immunity? With the pandemic here to stay, we truly believe that your skin needs immunity too. Our skin is the first defense against bacterium, viruses and infections. It’s also a buffer for all kinds of pollutants and weather conditions that affect our body. Which means it’s high time that we lean on nature’s finest ingredients to boost our skin’s immunity, especially in this haunting pandemic.

Perhaps why the newest skincare trend on the block is Skimmunity.

From the treasure trove of plant-based ingredients that luxury brands have to offer, we have created a list of products with healing and protective elements that will boost your skimmunity and maintain your healthy glow.

Best Natural Skin Care Products for Healthy Skin

best natural products for skin - turmeric

1. The Turmeric Treasure

If you Google ‘natural immunity boosters’, turmeric will probably be the first to pop up. Turmeric is germicidal, anti-inflammatory and has actual healing or restorative properties. This magic ingredient has been used since time immemorial as masks whipped up with cream or honey. Use Farsáli Haldi Eyes to boost the natural defenses of the most vulnerable part of your face – your under-eyes.

2. Rosy Remedies

Who knew that one of nature’s most beautiful healing remedies sit right in our home gardens? Rose has the power create ‘histamine’, a chemical compound that boosts immune responses. Oooh! Rose water also heals cuts and burns faster, while keeping infections at bay. Try Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water to heal your skin everyday naturally. Psst… rose water also helps maintain your skin’s pH balance and control excess oil.

best natural products for skin - rose
best natural products for skin – aloe vera

3. Aloe Vera Goodness

Aloe Vera is a powerhouse of nutrients that help boost your skin’s immunity – from anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, to reducing any toxins on your skin, this ingredient is your skin’s best friend. We’re gushing on Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Facial Gel Pure Aloe Vera, a perfect natural gel to make your skin healthier. This gel also has cucumber and rose extracts, making it a treasure trove of healthy skin choices.

4. The Power of Green Tea

Green Tea? We call it the super-weapon against infections, viruses and bacteria. This curative tea has natural polyphenols (plant antioxidants) that keep your skin’s natural immunity intact, all the while fighting against external impurities. We recommend PIXI H2O Skindrink, a hydrating gel packed with the goodness of Green Tea, aqua, glycerin and Rosemary. What more do you need for complete skin protection?

best organic skin care products – green tea
best organic skin care products – avocado

5. Avocado Soother

You must’ve heard of ‘good fats’? Well, avocados actually have what we call ‘great fats’. Also, this master fruit is full of Vitamins A, C and E, and all of them boost immunity. Also, avocado’s immense water retaining capacity makes your skin plump and glowing. Try Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, a super nourishing and delicate treatment to heal your under-eyes. Trust us when we say, your eyes will love some avocado-rich hydration.

6. Hail Coconut

Erm, which Indian household denies the magical powers of coconuts? None, we’re sure. Fun fact – coconut oil is only second-in-line after mother’s milk for producing natural immunity boosters! This wonder fruit/seed will heal, defend, restore and build your skin to its finest health. We find Forest Essentials SUN FLUID Tender Coconut Water with Turmeric & Basil Leaf SPF 50|PA + + to be one of the best sun-shields there ever was.

best organic skin care products – coconut

So, start shopping for the latest skincare trend and build your skimmunity against the nasties of this scary pandemic world.

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