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Skin and hair hacks that are almost free!

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Browsing through magazines is painful. Every pretty girl looks like a million bucks; glowing skin, hair tossed in artful waves wearing a dress that probably costs a king’s ransom. If you routinely put down said glossies with a resigned sigh, we’ve got news for you. You too can look like a the ‘It’ Girls you love ogling at, for almost nothing. Check out these inexpensive kitchen hacks that will make you a breezy beauty on a budget. The best part, even women with more money than they can count swear by them. Go on get your notepad out.

Coconut Oil is not just for cooking

If it's good enough for the leggy Mastani, then it's good enough for you! Deepika Padukone uses Coconut Oil as a hair mask to repair damage caused by sun, chemicals, heat and styling products. She lavishly applies it on the ends—starting about four inches from the roots—and leaves it on for ten minutes before shampooing it out.

Go gaga over Rose Water

Anushkha Sharma is the chirpy combination of oodles of talent, a toned body, lustrous locks and a peaches-and-milk complexion. She uses Rose Water to wash her face and Neem face packs to detoxify her skin. She also lavishes hot oil treatments on her flowing tresses.

Mayonnaise on your ends

Yep, you heard right. What’s not good on your hips definitely works on your strands. And if it’s kosher for Blake Lively—A-lister, model and fashion icon—then it’s definitely right for you. Slather it on the ends of your hair before showering. This will prevent the shampoo from stripping your ends or drying them out.

The humble multani mitti to the rescue

India’s answer to the Barbie Doll, the porcelain complexioned Katrina Kaif has an enviable figure and stunning skin. One of the rare actresses who looks more beautiful without makeup than she does with. No pricey potions for her. Ms. Kaif swears by the restorative and toxin removing powers of mineral mud masks to banish skin woes such as excessive facial oil, blemishes and acne. Now go stir up a Fuller’s Earth face pack.
Nykaa recommends Richfeel Mud Pack.

Make friends with humidity

Kangana Ranaut, Queen of the mighty and beautiful mane has curls and isn’t afraid to show them off. No relaxants and smootheners for her. Like her, just stand outside the shower and let the steam make your hair bigger. She oils and steams her hair thrice a week to keep her tresses well moisturized, smooth and shiny. She also uses organic shampoos from Fab India.
Nykaa recommends Fabindia Aloe Vera Shampoo.

Feed for your skin

The Quantico star Priyanka Chopra swears by natural home remedies for keeping her skin and hair in top condition. She uses a home-made face scrub of rice flour and honey for exfoliating and moisturizing her skin. She also uses a yogurt face pack to brighten her complexion. And like Deepika she swears by the restorative powers of Coconut Oil for her hair.

Use a face brush

Gigi Hadid looks even more gorgeous—if that’s even possible—with her hair swept up in a high pony. Her secret: She used a face brush—even a toothbrush will do—to push back baby hairs so that her style looks as immaculate as her face. For good measure she spritzes on some hairspray on the brush to push back baby hairs.

Only use conditioner

The Friends superstar does it. In fact, half of Hollywood does too. Use less shampoo. Save big bucks on pricey shampoos and simply co-wash strands using conditioner only. Jennifer Anniston doesn’t even use a blow dryer. S go ahead, and do a Jennifer to your hair.
Nykaa recommends Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Reversilane Baume Conditioner, a fantastic product that repairs hair gaps and restores radiance to strands. 

Cucumber for your skin

The ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ can afford the most expensive beauty potions money can buy but believes in cleansing powers of cucumber and gram flour (besan). Aishwarya Bachchan uses a mixture of milk and yogurt for moisturizing her skin and applies a lotion made of honey, lemon and hot water on her body to rid skin of toxins.
Nykaa loves Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Freshner. Try it to believe it!

Herbal Hair oil

This yesteryear star and accomplished Bharat Natyam dancer, Hema Malini can still make a few heads turn. She believes in using aroma oils to keep her skin glowing and a mixture of Coconut, Neem, Amla and Tulsi Oils to massage her gorgeous tresses.
Nykaa recommends the dermatologist tested and 100 percent organic Khadi Henna Rosemarry Amla Herbal Hair Oil (For Hair Growth) for the strands of your dreams.
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