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Hair Accessories for Women

If you thought the ‘less is more’ mantra was just with your makeup looks, you’re highly mistaken. The current trend with hairstyles is to be your classy, minimal self, while achieving it all-by-yourself. Don’t believe us? Check out this season’s runway trends to know what we mean. Thankfully now, you don’t need to depend on your parlor-wali or hairstylist. Because these utilitarian accents and ideas have you sorted for all kinds of special occasions. Get smart, shop smarter.

Check out the different types of hair accessories for women:

Hair Accessories for Women – Hair Pin

1. Occasion: Beach Vacay

Packing for your next trip to Goa, Bali or any other beach destination? Don’t forget this coral-inspired hair pin behind. For moments when your locks brush across your face, this tiny superstar saves the day. You’ll thank us later. You’ll probably underestimate it, but this pin can hold almost half your hair. True story.

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2. Occasion: Friend’s Wedding

If we had a penny for each time our skin and hair behaved badly when we were trying to preen at a friend’s wedding function, we’d be stinkin’ rich. And so, stocking up on backup plans is sooo wise. Like this hair chain. With this handy, all you need to do is part your hair in the middle (however dead they may be) and clip this on. Exciting fact: hair chains are the new runway-hot, beauty trend & the best hair accessory you can own.

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Types of Hair Accessories – Head Chain
Best Hair Accessories – Bobby Pins

3. Girl’s Night out!

Going out with your gang of girls means serious business with your beauty look. Currently, we’re obsessing over dewy skin, a lip tint, a thick coat of mascara and a wet middle-parted hairstyle. Now imagine the impact these gold-textured bobby pins would add. It’s true when they say a little can go a long way. Who’d think the classic bobby pin could make such a difference?

Nykaa Recommends: Bellofox Set Of 2 Gold-Toned Textured Bobby Pins

4. Occasion: Work Shindigs

We’ve all had days we’re hard at work in the a.m. but required to network in the p.m. These cutesy hair pins sure know how to spruce up your boss-lady topknot. Pile them one-after-another, crisscross them or hide the tail to make the glittery heads pop out. What’s more, is you have the leeway to tuck it under your bun or flaunt it above your ears.

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Hair Accessories for Women – Glittery Hair Pins
Types of Hair Accessories – Hair Band

5. Occasion: Lazy Siestas

We can’t do without our hair bands, can we? We could anywhere between 6 to 60 years, and we’ll still be banking on them. Especially when you’re talking about a slide as this one. This pretty floral headgear makes for a perfect Sunday brunch or at-home get-together. Want to go from drab to fab sans the effort? You know what to hoard! It sure is our secret. Wink, wink.

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