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7 Summer Hair Care Tips To Maintaining Healthy Hair This Season

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summer haircare tips

Dreamt of a hot girl summer, didn’t you? Sipping on fancy cocktails by the pool, blowing off steam as your summery aesthetic broke the gram. Likewise! But the mind-numbing heat has been looming over my fun summer plans (sighs). Yes, this summer is turning out to be a real bummer, and as if to fan the flames, my hair has picked up on the seasonal cue, unleashing its fury of wrath.

Tbh, my hair, with a mind of its own, seldom behaves. Despite vesting time, efforts and coin (in the form of beauty products), it goes haywire at the slightest bit of inconvenience. But the year-round mess-ups are no match for its summer shenanigans. If your tresses (too) become ludicrously tough to manage during this season, here are summer hair care tips! With these tricks to combat concerns ranging from colour retention to summer frizz, every day is a good hair day! Atop that, we give you some phenomenal product recommendations to squash these concerns, an easy way for you to take care of your hair in summer at home. So, no more scurrying to the salon!

How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Summer?

1. Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth This Season

The glaring sun can make the hair susceptible to oxidative damage. When your scalp lays bare to free radicals, it gravely hampers the (scalp) cells’ competency to turnover, an attribute in direct proportion to healthy hair growth. To tackle the above, use a scarf or a wide-brim hat outdoors. This precautionary measure will evade the detrimental UV rays and also aid in the scalp retaining moisture. Furthermore, to stimulate healthy hair growth and make it strong from the roots, invest in a good scalp serum! Essential for supervising a healthy microbiome, bolstering the strands from the follicles and giving you the flip worthy hair you desire!

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Wondering how to make your hair strong from the roots? Well, you have landed on the right page. Pilgrim Redensyl & Anagain Advanced Hair Growth Serum — a harmonious blend of green tea, AnaGain, redensyl, bolster hair health, diminishes hair fall and promotes healthy hair growth.

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Pilgrim Redensyl & Anagain Advanced Hair Growth Serum

2. Take Care Of Parched Hair

The unceasing exposure to the sun can also lead to the hair cuticles drying out, which results in your hair shafts looking limp and lifeless. To prevent your hair from getting fried and exceedingly brittle this season, slather a heat protectant on the tresses before heading out.

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BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Hair Mist with Grape Seed Oil, No Parabens shields the hair from heat damage, without weighing them down. A must have for the season!

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BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Hair Mist with Grape Seed Oil, No Parabens

3. Bid Adieu To Stubborn Summer Frizz

The undisputed ultimate summer foe is stubborn frizz. The extreme parchedness of the tresses draws every ounce of moisture in the surrounding to itself and swells -leading to your locks becoming coarse and prone to breakage. To help you trump the wistful episodes of frizziness, we come armed with some knock-out, summer hair care tips for you. Try showering with cold water and use a microfiber cloth to dry your hair. This not only grants definition to the locks but also diminishes the frizz. Follow this up with a light, anti-frizz serum on the hair shafts.

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The L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum, Anti-Frizz Serum With UV Protection — a versatile anti-frizz offering used ahead of washing, before styling, as an overnight treatment to get immaculate tresses with a finishing touch.

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Nykaa Naturals Microfiber Hair Wrap for Frizz Free & Shiny Hair - Grey

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L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum, Anti-Frizz Serum With UV Protection

4. Break Up With Greasy Locks

By the virtue of an accelerated cooling mechanism during the hot months, the human body tends to sweat more during the summer (read), beads of perspiration perpetually run down the temple, the scalp and so on. Organically, this leads to the hair becoming icky and greasy, plopping flat on the crown and looking lifeless. Since indulging in an intricate cleansing-conditioning ritual is not feasible (and advisable, more on that later) too often, we recommend you give dry shampoos a shot. The concoction expels the excessive oil from the hair follicles and enhances the appearance of your tresses, making them look fresh! If you aren’t inclined to make dry shampoos a regular feature in your handbag and need a quick, frills-free way to redeem your tresses, we have a stellar summer hair care tip! Sprinkle some talc on your head and use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair.

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Find a quick fix for greasy hair with the Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh Breezy & Light Fresh. It draws the sebum from your hair follicles, making your tresses look fresh and buoyant in a jiffy!

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Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh

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VEGA Wide Tooth Wooden Comb (HMWC-05)

5. Wear Your Hair, Naturally

We are all privy to the downside of using heat on the hair. It significantly weakens the hair strands, making them more susceptible to breakage and damage. So, if you are reaching out for your styling tools every day, think again. Instead, we recommend breezy, natural styles (sans the tools) this season and swapping your regular setting spray with a potent heat protectant spritz. Try top knots, braids and buns —effortless yet chic and which don’t wear down the strands’ tensile strength. Additionally, you can try silk pillowcases, which dwindle hair friction that lead to breakage.

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A pro tip for strong hair: Satin scrunchies that slip on easily, are less likely to harm the hair. Mueras Solid Satin Scrunchies Ivory White, French Lavender, Magnetic Blue, Black, BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Hair Mist with Grape Seed Oil, No Parabens

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Mueras Solid Satin Scrunchies Ivory White, French Lavender, Magnetic Blue, Black

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BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Hair Mist with Grape Seed Oil, No Parabens

6. Commit To A Cleansing Routine

Are you seeking summer hair care tips to double down on your cleansing ritual? Right off the bat, let’s get the fundamentals straight. When the discussion on -’ways to take care of hair in summer’ unravels, we often revisit the frequency of our hair-cleansing ritual. To put any qualms to rest, yes, overwashing is a legit concern, more so in this season. Since your hair is predisposed to getting greasy due to the heat, you are inclined to lather and rinse more often. But repeated use of synthesised offerings adds to the unwarranted chemical build-up and residue. To circumvent the problem, use a clarifying shampoo once a week. Follow it up with a hydrating conditioner.

Nykaa Recommends:

Anomaly Clarifying Shampoo for Deep Cleanse with Charcoal & Eucalyptus imbued with eucalyptus and charcoal, is a superior formulation that adeptly eradicates the chemical buildup from the hair.

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Anomaly Clarifying Shampoo for Deep Cleanse with Charcoal & Eucalyptus

7. Administer Colour Retention

Colour-treated hair is at risk of getting weathered and blanched under the summer sun. To ensure colour retention add a colour protect shampoo and serum to your hair care regimen. Opt for air drying, as employing a tool such as a dryer will take away from the intensity of the vibrant hue.

Nykaa Recommends:

Matrix Biolage Colorlast Color Protecting Shampoo is a mild cleansing formula to ensure the longevity of your hair colour. Boasting bee pollen, kelp, and quillaja, the formulation cleans without stripping the tresses of their natural oils.

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Matrix Biolage Colorlast Color Protecting Shampoo


Q1. How To Take Care of Hair In Summer At Home?

Ans 1. Religiously follow a summer haircare routine crafted with products that bode well for your hair type. DIY hair masks with onion, aloe vera and yoghurt add as great natural conditioners and nourish your tresses.

Q2. What is a good hair care routine for summer?

Ans2. A good hair care routine for the season entails cleansing, nourishing and conditioning.

Q3. How To Use A Dry Shampoo?

Ans 3. Make sections of your hair and spray the dry shampoo into your roots. Proceed to massage it into your scalp with your fingertips. Finally, run a brush through your tresses and you are good to go!

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