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Ten Clever Makeup Hacks For Beginners

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Simple Makeup Tips & Hacks

With the countless makeup products and formulations available out there, choosing your favorites can be daunting. And if you’re a newbie to this whole beauty game, it’s like your very own Everest. We know how hard makeup can be for beginners and despite all those makeup tutorials on the internet, sometimes all you need is something that will make your life simpler.

Here are our top ten makeup hacks that all beginners should know:

  • 1. Diggin’ The Dewy Skin

    Ace your makeup base and get that dewy complexion with this super simple makeup hack. Combine your sheer foundation or concealer with an essential oil or moisturizer and apply it with your foundation blender. You’ve got the no-makeup makeup look down without the stress of having to blot away the extra shine.

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    Makeup Hacks for dewy look
  • Makeup Hacks to hide dark circles

    2. Don’t Reveal, Conceal

    The perfect way to hide those under eye circles is to draw a triangle with its base under your lash line and the tip at the bottom of your cheek. This hides the redness under your eyes and brightens up your entire face. Who knew makeup was so simple?

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  • 3. Blush Baby, Blush

    You know how everyone tells you to put foundation first? Turns out you don’t always have to. All you need to do to look lit from within is put on some blush first and then follow it with your foundation. Voila! You’ve got a makeup base that gives you that perfect glow.

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    Makeup Hacks for blush
  • Makeup Hacks for cat eye

    4. Crazy About Cat Eyes

    We’re giving you some simple eye makeup hacks. Step 1: Take a bobby pin (the kinds you use for those darling hairdos). Step 2: Apply liquid eyeliner on the edge of the pin. Step 3: Press it onto your eyelid. Step 4: Color inside the shape and draw the rest of the line. Step 5: Strut that stuff, girl!

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  • 5. Eyelashes On Fleek

    Want those flutter-worthy lashes but somehow always get mascara on your eyelids? You’re not alone. Hold a clean spoon like it’s hugging your eyelid and apply your mascara. You’ll get all the excess mascara on the back of the spoon and not your eyelid. Now bat those eyelids and smile.

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    Makeup Hacks for eyelashes
  • Makeup Hacks for smokey eyes

    6. #SmokyEyes

    If you think creating smoky eyes isn’t the easiest makeup for beginners, think again. Simply draw a slanted hashtag (it’s not just for Instagram, girls) with black or brown kajal pencil on the corner of your eyelid and blend it well. Easy-peasy!

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  • 7. Get In Line

    If the Kylie Jenner pout is what you’re going for, make sure a lip liner is part of your makeup essentials kit. It’s the best way to make your lips really pop by giving them volume and dimension. Pro tip: Apply the lip liner after the lipstick so you know exactly where to draw your lip line and when it starts to fade, it all fades together.

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    Makeup Hacks for lip liner
  • Makeup Hacks for long lasting lipstick

    8. Lasts Long, Really Long

    For that long-lasting pout, we’re giving you the trade secret. Just dab on a little translucent powder (or even a little eyeshadow from your makeup kit) on your lipstick and you’ll be selfie-ready all day.

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  • 9. Feeling French?

    Easy French tips coming right up with this tutorial for beginners. Take a rubber band and cover your nails with it leaving just the tips to be painted over. You don’t have to go to the salon to get that perfect French manicure anymore.

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    Makeup Hacks for French nails
  • Easy makeup tips

    10. Makeup Multitaskers, Please

    Don’t splurge to get your makeup game on. Make sure you have your makeup essentials in place and use them in different ways. You can use your lipstick as nail paint (with a clear coat on top) or as blush to add some flush to your cheeks. Eyeshadow can be made to work as lipstick or blush. And your mascara doubles up as eyeliner, all you need is a brush. One product, so many uses? Sign us up!

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