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Ten vitamins for lasting beauty

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Best Vitamins For Skin, Hair & Good Health

You wake up, juggle your home, relationships, kids, work, home chores, all through the day till your head finally hits back on the pillow. And it goes on and on, every day on a loop for the rest of your life! Add to your routine several hundred hormonal problems every passing month.

Tired yet? We feel you.

Women need a lot more than a regular healthy diet and some exercise to keep going. Enter vitamin supplements, a quick and easy way for you to get all the vital vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy, keep your much-needed stamina intact, and ward off diseases.

We’ve put together a list of ten key nutrients you need to stay energized and gorgeous so you slay it every day like a queen!

Beauty vitamin- vitamin A

#1 Vitamin A

Read as Beta-Carotene. Found in orange colored fruits and veggies like carrots, pumpkin and peaches, it gets converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is vital for good health. What does it do? Think of it as a building agent. It builds and strengthens your bones, your immunity, your skin and elemental cell growth. It’s a great supplement to keep your skin healthy and young.

#2 Calcium

You’ve heard this numerous times. Drink milk, build up your Calcium. Women are more prone to brittle bones than men, mostly due to calcium deficiency. Calcium also affects muscle strength and nerve functioning. Do not take this lightly. You need much more calcium in your system than men. Plus, Calcium along with Vitamin D is known to protect your body from certain types of cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. Dairy is your friend. A cup of yogurt everyday will only help you. For vegans, soy is a good replacement.

Beauty vitamin- calcium
Beauty vitamin- Omega3

#3 Omega 3

Normally fats are a cringe-inducing word for health conscious divas. But here’s a fat that ups your beauty quotient. Get a shot of anti-aging Omega 3, a must for supple skin, toxin elimination, sun protection and a healthy heart. Eat a small handful of roasted and ground flax seeds, soya nuts and walnuts daily if you’re vegetarian. Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and sardines are also good sources, or else get you daily dose from WOW Life Science Omega 3 Capsules.

#4 Vitamin C

Also called ascorbic acid or the miracle vitamin, Vitamin C is a master-blaster when it comes to good health. It’s the biggest immunity booster, helps keep your heart safe and blood pressure in control. It prevents iron deficiency and is a magnificent wound-healer. But the thing that draws us most to it? Vitamin C is an anti-aging agent. Your skin will look unnaturally beautiful with a regular dose of ascorbic acid.

Pile up your plate with fruits like guavas, oranges and cherry tomatoes, and veggies like bell peppers. Or take some extra care with Chicnutrix Super C - Amla Extract & Zinc - Natural Vitamin C or Fast&Up Charge Natural Vitamin C & Zinc Orange.

Beauty vitamin- vitamin C
Beauty vitamin- vitamin E

#5 Vitamin E

It’s the skin and hair care vitamin. I’m sure you’ve used products that have this wonder ingredient. Vitamin E is highly rich in antioxidants that protect your body from free radicals and slow the aging process of your cells. Beyond skincare, Vitamin E is known to reduce the risk of cancer as well. Add more nuts to your leafy salads, like almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts.

Soy, sunflower seeds and corn are good sources of this vitamin too. Or try maintaining a regular dose with HealthVit Selenium 100Mcg + Vitamin E

#6 Vitamin B6

This one’s extremely important for women because among other health benefits, it improves your mood and reduce risks of depression. It directly affects your metabolism and brain functions. Psst… it also helps in PMS.

So, build up your B6 with spinach, bananas, nuts and whole wheat. Try and take some extra supplements to ensure a good intake with Sorich Organics Trail Mix or HealthVit Vitamin B6 25 Mg.

Beauty vitamin- vitamin B6
Beauty vitamin- vitamin B12

#7 Vitamin B12

Another Big B, B12 helps in protein synthesis and genesis of blood cells. B12 is what makes DNA, and its deficiency may cause less oxygen to be transported to different parts of your body. A highly important nutrient, we’d suggest all women to take B12 supplements along with eggs, fish, meat and milk.

#8 Folate or folic acid

A must-have especially during the child-bearing years, folate is one of the most vital nutrients every woman needs. It helps converting carbs into energy and make blood cells in your bone marrow. Papayas, strawberries, berries, lentils, beans, nuts and seeds are all good sources. It plays an important role during pre-menopause and post-menopause by creating new cells and combating diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, anemia, dementia and depression. If you’re planning a baby, make sure you take a supplement like Purayati Folic Acid And Iron daily.

Beauty vitamin- Folic acid
Beauty vitamin- vitamin D

#9 Vitamin D

Another big immunity booster, Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorous better. This sunshine vitamin is surprisingly low in all Indians. It also reduces the risk of pre-mature aging of your skin by actively repairing your skin cells. This vitamin will surely add a radiant glow to your skin. Unfortunately, very few foods are high in Vitamin D. But most fish and fish oils may work.

#10 CoQ10

CoQ10 or ‘Coenzyme Q10’ is an antioxidant that naturally exists in your body. But its production reduces with age. It basically helps generate energy in your cells. This helps in keeping a healthy heart, controlled blood pressure and active brain functions. A must-have supplement for women, you can try increasing broccoli and spinach in your diet, or stick to Setu Ten On Ten CoQ10 or HealthAid CoQ10

Beauty vitamin- CoQ10

So, Queens! Eat healthy, keep stress away with some ‘you time’ by reading, dancing or just exercising, and conquer the world – one day at a time. These few magical supplements will help you do it all.

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