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The Best Manicure & Pedicure Kits For An At-home Salon Experience

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Best Manicure Pedicure Kit

Here are the best manicure and pedicure kits and tools that promise a salon-like, professional finish from the comforts of your home.

1. VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit

This travel-friendly manicure and pedicure kit ensures you’ll always have your best feet forward. Use the Pediglow Foot Cleanser to soak feet in warm water, then apply Myrrh Cuticle Oil, follow it up with Pediglow Foot Scrub enriched with walnut to exfoliate, massage on Cocoa Butter Foot Cream to nourish and complete the routine with the Orange Anti Tan pack for happy soles.

Manicure pedicure set- VLCC
Manicure pedicure set- SARA

2. Sara Pedicure Manicure Sauna Kit

If tired feet are causing the blues, here’s your remedy. This is one of the best manicure pedicure kit packed with botanical extracts that soften skin, this 5-in-1 pack eases muscle tension relieving aches. To begin, soak feet for a few minutes, then use the scrub to slough off dead skin, now massage feet to invigorate. Lastly, use the mask to soothe and once it dries off, gently get rid of it with a warm towel.

3.Vaadi Herbals Pedicure Manicure SPA kit with Soothing & Relaxing

Pamper feet with this all-natural, herbal treatment. To achieve supple, soft feet in the comforts of your own home apply this once a month for best results. As with any kit, begin with the foot cleanser to improve circulation, scrub to exfoliate, apply the cream to cure cracked heels, and at last use the anti-tan mask to reveal brighter, radiant skin.

Manicure pedicure set- VAADI
Manicure pedicure set- BABILA

4. Babila Pedicure Set Of 4 Tools

For perfectly manicured feet, look no further. With a 4-in-1 translucent pink foot scrubber boasting of a pumice stone to slough away dead skin, a brush to gently get rid of dirt, and stainless-steel scrappers, it does it all. Next, the compact nail cutter is your best bet cause of its travel-friendly size, while the nail buffer and toe sponges make thrifty pedicures a breeze.

5. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Pedicure Purse - Pink Floral Satin

If you’re the kind of girl who can’t imagine life without florals, then you should get your hands on this kit, stat. This vintage looking pedi-purse will have your feet swoon-ready in a heartbeat. Get ready for the compliments as this pretty-in-pink pack of five tools will have you living your own Parisienne love-affair complete with dainty toes at al. 

Manicure pedicure set- GUBB USA

6. GUBB USA Pedicure Kit 7 In 1

If you’ve never been a DIY girl, we assure you this pack is going to change that habit. Get ready to boast of happy-looking feet with this 7-in-1 pedicure kit. Includes a Toe Nail Clipper, Nail Buffer and Shiner, Callus Rasp, Pumice Stone, Cleaning Brush and Toe nail Spacer. Everything you need for pretty, pedicured feet.

7. Vega Manicure Sets Of 6 Tools

Another very convenient and easy to carry, travel kit, this manicure pedicure tool kit from Vega. Skip the sore sight of unnurtured feet, overgrown toe nails, dishevelled skin and chipped nail paint, once and for all. This set of tools is the only product you’ll ever need for a quick fix and salon-like gorgeous feet. The press-to-close purse even has its own compartment for every tool.

Manicure pedicure set- VEGA
Manicure pedicure set- VS NEAT TREAT

8. VS Neat Treat - Mini Pedicure Set

This tiny pedicure kit is an absolute steal. Baby blue, colorful and portable, there’s not much more one could ask for. Although it comes with just the basics, a toe nail clipper, separators, nail file and mini foot file, the results are great. Throw into your daily vanity and you’ll never have to deal with unsightly feet again.

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