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The Ultimate Makeup Guide For All Skin Tones

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So many shades to choose from…but which ones are perfect for you? Who better to reveal that than THE man who works with celebrity clients of all skin tones, all the time. Whatever your complexion—fair, dusky or wheatish—ace makeup artist Shaan Muttathil (Shannmu to his fans) has got the Indian girl covered.

Here are the makeup tips for every Indian skin tone:

The Ultimate Brown Girl Makeup Guide - 1

1. Dusky Diva

“If you’re wheatish or dusky, rejoice,” he chortles. You don’t have to follow any rules! Shaanmu says this skin tone can handle the widest range of colors, from the punchiest brights to the palest pastels. Pick a foundation with names like caramel and honey. Choose eyeshadows in metallic browns that brighten eyes without being overly sparkly. Then a swoosh of vibrant pink from your apples to your cheekbones for pretty definition. “Never wear nude lipsticks with pink undertones or neony hues because they can look icy and ghastly. Your best bet is to buy up every brown nude you can find. Orange and red also looks stunning on darker skins,” says Shaanmu.

2. Wheatish Wonder

Shaanmu says that if you’re wheatish like most Indians, spiced-up neutrals are your best bets to add a heathy glow. Look for foundations with yellow undertones and gold flecks to take basic nudes and taupes from blah to beautiful. Pearly brown eyeshadow and peachy pink blush with a dusting of gold on cheeks is all you need for a sun kissed flush. “Finish up with a creamy peach or brighter hue of orange, coral or red on the lips.” He warns against using a lippie with a bright undertone that can look jarring on wheatish skins.
The Ultimate Brown Girl Makeup Guide - 2
The Ultimate Brown Girl Makeup Guide - 3

3. Fair And FEIsty

Soft pink, tawny and beige toned foundations work best for fair complexions. “A glimmering champagne just dark enough to create eye-opening contour and delicate petal soft pink on cheeks will look stunning.”  He says it’s best to avoid orangey reds and frosty finishes that make skin look sallow and washed out. “Experiment with brighter lipsticks in reds and pinks.”
Shaanmu says…
“I always believe you should play up one feature only,” asserts Shaanmu. Bright lips is a young, fresh look every woman should try. But it’s important to keep the eyes neutral. I think every woman—even if she is keeping her eyes minimalistic—should use an eyelash curler and mascara. Then just a hint of color on the lids using a tinted lip balm. How’s that for multitasking?
If you thought match-matchy was passé, think again. “Rihanna nailed it with her Red Grammy Lacquers,” says Shaanmu. Her timeless red manicure and ruby red lips are the stuff of dreams, and you too can ace this look without looking over the top. Red too bright for you? Opt for smoky green-grey lids and matching nails instead.
And how does one take a look from day to night? “There’s not too much you can do except enhance your features a bit,” he says. Apply a deeper swipe of eyeshadow or lip color to freshen up your look. The easiest way to go from a.m. to p.m. is a fresh swipe of kajal, mascara and a strong lip color.
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