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Things You Didn’t Know Your Concealer Could Do

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You’ve got a downright magician in your makeup kitty and all you do with that handy little tool is conceal your skin imperfections? Duh! If you’ve not been making the most of that multifaceted concealer sitting in your tote, here’s your wake-up call. Both your life and that overflowing vanity kit will be so much more sorted after this read.

Here’s how to use a concealer as a substitute for other makeup products:

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Prime That Eye

Eye primers have always been on our ‘to-buy-or-not-to-buy’ list. We could even do without them but then a sheer base for the eyeshadow always makes the result look better, so we’ve finally taken a call. We’re putting an end to eye primers ’cause a tiny bit of our long-lasting concealer does the trick equally well. Not only does it provide an opaque coverage to the lids, it also helps your shadow fight the curse of the sweat and oil gods.

Brow Taming 101

Sudden date plans and your brows are a bushy mess? Of course you’ve got no time to run to the salon for an emergency tweezing sesh. Time to fish out your trusted concealer and use it to the best of its a-brow-lities. Give those hideous boy brows a break by masking out-of-place hair strands and highlighting that killer arch. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds, especially if you’ve got a slim stick in your hand.
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Make Your Lipstick Pop

Ever been disappointed by how the intensity of a lip color changes before and after application? That happens when the natural pigmentation of your lips interferes with the formula of the product. Here’s where the little bottle of magic comes into play. Cover your pout with a thin, well-blended layer of concealer before you uncap the bullet to preserve the original color of your lippie.

Skip The Lip Liner

Though most of us take pride in our lipstick application skills, going the extra mile with a lip liner never really harms. However, we land up without a matching liner 9 outta 10 times. Well, now you can legitimately give that added burden of a liner a miss. Swish a little cream-based concealer with a fine-tipped brush and outline your lips. This will do away with smudgy borderlines, leaving you with a clean, defined pout that stands out.
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Run Out Of Foundation?

While we’re all for the holy grail foundation, we’ve all had the treasured bottle giving up on us at the start of a day when we just HAVE to put our best face forward. Ever thought of conjuring your own, custom-made foundation? Mix one part concealer with two parts of your usual day cream and voila! A pro-tip: a liquid concealer works best here, thanks to easy-to-mix formulation.

Contouring Genius

Got a spare concealer lying around that’s darker than your shade? Stop mourning over the loss and put your regretful buy to some actual, good use. Draw lines on the high points of your face – the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Blend well to leave people admiring that on-point contouring game and guessing what's behind the masterstrokes. Shush!
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Lash It Out

Your high-end mascara fails to give you desired results even after as many as six coats? Wonder what you’re doin’ wrong? Well, how about putting your beloved concealer to the test? Dip a Q-tip in your bottle of concealer and lightly coat your lashes. Now, pull out your mascara and apply two generous coats for sensational lashes.

Rock That Line

You obviously don’t wipe off your artwork and start from scratch every time your butter fingers decide on messing up your eyeliner, do you? Fixing liner imperfections with concealer and a Q-tip is by far the smartest makeup hack ever invented. A concealer also comes in handy when you’re out of scotch tape while winging your eye, helping you get that sharp, angled wing in literally seconds.
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