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This Just In: USPRAY Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review

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Ladies, can you count the number of times you’ve wanted to go wee-wee but had to hold it in? Or remember shopping at the mall only to realize you’ve have a tad too much juice in your system? Better yet, recollect those celebratory moments that called for copious amount of booze with no hygienic outlet. Well, we’re here to convey the best news yet…U Spray is all you’ll ever need.
Unveiling the only product that will make life so much easier. This travel-sized compact spray is a toilet seat sanitizer that ensures a germ-free toilet experience. Toss it in your handbag while heading out the door. Also, don’t let it leave your backpack on weekend getaways either. P.S. Your bladder will thank you.
Here’s how it works: Shake the tin in the upright position, and spray the toilet seat from a distance. Wait for 5 seconds, et voila – a cleantoilet seat at your disposal.Use it to sanitize doorknobs, flush handles and even faucets. If you’re a clean-freak with an OCD our best advice; look no further.
The Pros: Topping the list is an insta-safe toilet experience. Just one week of using this ingenious product and it won’t ever leave your bag, more so if you hate using common loos. Call it pocket-friendly, ‘cos it takes up the least space and even fits in a clutch or beauty vanity. Ideal for the great outdoors it’s the perfect accompaniment to your BF’s adventurous spirit. And, for those with a discerning nose, its pleasant fragrance isn’t too harsh and gets rid of foul odour too. Saving the best for last, with up to 50 sprays for less than a hundred bucks, how can we even think of a single reason not to own it?
The Cons: Honestly, this one has zero cons. Can you think of a better product at a lower price point that prevents UTI? We can’t and hence it’s a thumbs-up from all our editors here at Beauty Book. Stay tuned for the next new release.
Get your fix here - USPRAY Toilet Seat Sanitizer
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