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Disco Beauty Looks For The Party Season

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I may not have lived in New York in the ‘70s to see the madness unravel. You know, the time when underground discotheques sat in every nook and corner of the concrete jungle. But trust me when I say that it seems like a distant memory — having lived vicariously through the music of legends of stars like Cher and Donna Summer. However, these icons not only gave us chart-busting disco numbers that can still draw us to light-up dance floors. They also served fierce disco-inspired ‘makeup looks’ that dictated the tone of beauty and feminism for years. Riding on the wave of the Women’s Movement in America, women leveraged this freewheeling makeup trend as a means of expression — to convey solidarity, resistance and substance (they walked, so women all around the world could run, now).

This iconic era of bedazzled lids and gilded lashes that left indelible footprints in beauty, music and adjacent industries has made a big comeback in 2022. With Hollywood's elite club -Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, and Beyonce (what Queen Bey says, goes people) dialing up the heat on various red carpets with their rendition of the disco makeup trend — it safe to say that this holiday season has disco drama written all over it! So ahead, all the disco beauty looks you should bookmark, ahead of the party season.

Slip into your flared pants, get the temperatures soaring with theatrics for glam and get down to disco.

glitter eye makeup

Glitter Goddess

taylor swift VMA

Empire State Of Mind

colorful makeup

Celestial Musings

party eye makeup

Blues Shall Fade

glam eye makeup

Save Your Tears

green eye makeup

6 Saturday Night Fever

colorful eye makeup

Colour Me Curious

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