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Types Of Combs & Hair Brushes To Style Your Hair

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Types of Combs & Types of Hair Brushes

You could be armed with the most expensive shampoo and serums but they will mean nothing, unless you have a compatible hair brush or comb by your side. Why? The type of comb or brush you opt for can also significantly affect the health of your hair; besides, different comb types have different shapes, teeth, bristle placements and most importantly serve different purposes.

Yes, we know most of you out there were clueless that there are types beyond the ordinary comb (read: the one you’ve been devoted to since 1947). Here’s unravelling the main types of combs and hair brushes to tame your knotty hair soon.

Types Of Combs And Hair Brush

Types of Combs – Wooden Comb

1. Wooden Comb: Bare Essentials Neem Handle Wood Comb

Did you know that natural wooden fibers in a wooden comb work great at conditioning your hair? Surely, can’t say the same about the static-causing plastic combs. Besides, wooden combs glide through smoothly without wrestling your hair strands. The Bare Essentials Neem Handle Wood Comb comes with a comfortable grip and wide teeth that quickly untangles rigid hair knots. Plus, the pure Neem wood build imparts medicinal properties to help control hair loss and dandruff.

2. Paddle Brush: Vega E18-PB Paddle Hair Brush

The quickest way to detangle hair – wet or dry – is to use a paddle brush. Thanks to its flat, rectangular base and wide-spaced teeth, it can be used to quickly section your hair and move a dryer over the brush with better control. The Vega E18-PB Paddle Hair Brush comprises an air cushion base to protect the scalp for stress free brushing. What’s even better is that it comes with an inbuilt cleaning comb to keep your paddle brush clean!

Types of Hair Brush – Paddle Brush
Types of Hair Brush – Round Brush

3. Round Hair Brush: Vega R3- RB Round Brush

Seeking subtle waves and curls with an enviable volume? The round hair brush should be your ideal pick. The thicker the round brush, the more volume you can achieve. Simply wrap sections of hair around the bristles during your regular blow-dry session to create the bouncy locks you crave. The Vega R3- RB Round Brush is backed by a team of nylon bristles that pick the hair and boar bristles that polish the shaft. Not just that, the brush is designed to help achieve beautiful and effortless curls.

4. Wide Tooth Comb: Sacred Salts Plastic Black Wide Tooth Hair Comb

If you’ve got curly hair, this smarty is a blessing you didn’t know you needed. Unlike fine tooth combs, wide tooth combs don’t break your hair strands in an attempt to detangle them. Since they are less invasive, they allow the curls to retain their bounce. The Sacred Salts Plastic Black Wide Tooth Hair Comb with its fine tips, massages the scalp, thereby, reducing hair loss. And yes, it’s made of Carbon which is static-free thus, assuring a frizz-free result.

Types of Combs – Wide Tooth Comb
Types of Combs – Lice Comb

5. Lice Comb: GUBB USA Vital Lice Comb

Pesky lice and nits can soon be a thing of the past and how? The lice comb, specially designed to rake through the scalp and hair, helps drive out the nasties. The GUBB USA Vital Lice Comb features a row each of closely spaced teeth and widely spaced teeth to locate lice and dislodge them. Besides, the rounded tips protect the scalp from damage so you can focus solely on drawing out the lice from your scalp.

6. Detangling Brush: Tangle Teezer The Wet Detangler Hairbrush

Brushing your hair need not be traumatic if you’ve got a detangling brush that works with your hair rather than against it. The bristles in a detangling brush gently separate the strands before removing the knots. Tangle Teezer The Wet Detangler Hairbrush with its firmflex teeth runs effortlessly through wet hair with minimal pulling and breaking. Oh and yes, it can also be used in the shower to distribute conditioner thoroughly along the lengths of your hair.

Types of Hair Brush – Detangling Brush
Types of Combs – Tail Comb

7. Tail Comb: Alan Truman Professional Carbon Tail Comb

Don’t be deceived by the tiny and frail figure of the tail comb. This is the very kind that can help you nail that complicated hairdo like a pro. The rat tail part of the comb can be used for flawless partitioning and sectioning. The Alan Truman Professional Carbon Tail Comb, crafted with deep-drawn teeth for hassle-free combing comes in a matte finish for a firm grip. Plus, it’s anti-static, heat, water and chemical resistant which ensures a smooth styling experience.

8. Scalp Massage Brush: Seki Edge Green Bell Japanese Style Scalp Massage Shampoo Hair Brush

Want in on the secret to happy hair? A happy scalp. And what better way to do that than with a dedicated scalp massage brush that’s purely designed to stimulate follicles, boost blood circulation and buff away dead skin cells? The Seki Edge Green Bell Japanese Style Scalp Massage Shampoo Hair Brush reaches out to the neglected areas of your scalp to exfoliate pores and massage. Not just that, it comes with a cute and easy-to-use grip for better control.

Types of Hair Brush – Scalp Massage Brush
Types of Hair Brush – Flat Hair Brush

9. Flat Hair Brush: Vega Flat Brush

Sometimes, all you need is a no-frills brush with well-spaced bristles that’s flexible enough to bend and cover the contours of your head. This is where the flat brush comes in. You can use it to detangle and smoothen your hair after sleep or during shower. The Vega Flat Brush provides a quick and gentle brushing experience. Oh and did we tell you it’s compact? Simply drop it in your tote and take it along.

10. Vented Brush: Babila Vented Brush

Who said drying your hair has to be a long affair? The vented brush is designed with ample of space between bristles to allow air flow from the dryer to circulate quickly. The Babila Vented Brush when paired with a blow dryer speeds up the drying process thanks to its air vents. If that’s not enough, it helps impart volume to hair and makes it appear fuller. Time-strapped darlings, get a hold of this masterpiece already!

Types of Hair Brush – Vented Brush
Types of Hair Brush – Backcombing Brush

11. Backcombing Brush: Tangle Teezer Back-Combing Hairbrush

How we all hate when the crown of our hair appears flat and simply refuses to rise? This is where the backcomb comes on the frontier. The Tangle Teezer Back-Combing Hairbrush lifts your hair and gives it body for a puffed up look. It can also be used to tame strays and achieve a polished hairdo. So, the next time you are looking to add some oomph to your mane, pull out the backcomb.

FAQs On Brush And Comb Types

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Different types of comb for daily use include:

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