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Work That Glow with Nykaa’s Glow Goals! Shimmer Brick Highlighter

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Remember the late ‘90s-early 2000s, the era of corny beauty soap and brightening cream commercials? Growing up, I always thought long and hard, about the models in these ads, running through grimy traffic, only to emerge with glowing complexions that wowed all the men around them. And ever since, that ‘glow’ was pretty much elusive. Well, until I came across highlighters.

Ask any true beauty lover, and they’ll tell you that highlighters are the ultimate game changer. It’s amazing how a product is designed to add shimmer and an extra serving of pizzazz to your look, all while looking like actual skin. In fact, I don’t know why it took me sooo long to realize that the ‘beauty commercial glow’ is basically just a combo of cinematic lighting and shimmery highlighter. Cream, liquid, powder, stick - before I knew it, I was trying out every type of highlighter I could get my hands on. Cut to today, and I’m still as excited as a child on his second bowl of ice-cream, to try the newly-launched Glow Goals! Shimmer Brick Highlighter Palette by Nykaa.

Unlike the previously launched Nykaa highlighter duos and liquid illuminators, these shimmer bricks include five strips of sparkly colors in one single palette. I have swiped every single one of 4 shade palettes, and trust me, they’re velvet-ier than actual velvet. They’re priced at Rs. 650, a total steal-deal and are super travel-friendly. But, before you pop it into your shopping cart, read on to find out which one is perfect for your skin tone.

Best face shimmer highlights for all skin tones:

best face shimmer highlighter for fair skin tone


Most colors in products show up incredibly well on lighter skin, but highlighters aren’t the case. They can either end up looking too subtle or too garish. You should be going for a soft glow with just a tiny hit of color as per your preference. Look no further than the Good Old Gold! Shade, which comes in five strips of buildable gold highlight. The colors are not too strong, and not too out there, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. You don’t even have to buy another palette because the bottom three colors are perfect for occasions and parties.


Medium-skinned beauties (like yours truly) have literally nothing to complain about. Most colors pair well with our skin tone, and it all just boils down to finding the right undertones. The Want It All palette is the most ideal for medium skin tone. It comes with five stunning cool-toned pinks, all extremely versatile on their own. The range also has the Sunset Love, which is perfect for warm-toned beauties. What I personally love about both these palettes is that they even work as a shimmery blush, and if I’m being honest, I’m a total sucker for double duty products.

best face shimmer highlighter for medium skin tone
best face shimmer highlighter for dusky skin tone


If I was dusky, I don’t think I’d wear anything but highlighter on my face. Dusky skin just glows differently and looks a lot healthier than fair and wheatish skin tones. Think Priyanka Chopra or even Rihanna, who we often see wearing stunning gold highlights on the top of her cheekbones. If you’re on the duskier side, your best bet would be gold and bronze tones for highlights. The Shimmer Rays palette is perfect for that bronze-y glow and will look incredible even as an eyeshadow.

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