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Your Go-To Guide For Hair Combs

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It’s a ubiquitous little tool but chances are, almost everyone carries one in their handbags.  A quick run through your tresses and you’re good to go. A great hair comb not just keeps things tidy but can even foster hair growth and strengthen strands if done right.

Your Go To Guide For Hair Combs - 1
A shampoo comb is your hair’s best friend. Wet hair is most susceptible to breakage and weakens your tresses. This comb helps to detangle and comb wet hair. It is gentle on the roots and successfully untangles rigid hair knots.
Your Go To Guide For Hair Combs - 2
Who said combs are just for combing? Add a pop of shine to your hair with this beauty. This radiant cluster hair comb lends an elegant finish to your hairdo and lets you dazzle like a star! Not just that, it also keeps flyaways in place.
Your Go To Guide For Hair Combs - 3
The holy grail for curly haired girls. Using a wooden comb has innumerable benefits; these anti-static combs speed up blood circulation in the scalp, evenly distribute oil and prevent tangling and split ends. The light design makes it a breeze to carry everywhere.
Your Go To Guide For Hair Combs - 4
This superstar detangles the most knotted locks thanks to wide spaced teeth that gently style and shape hair. Can be used on wet or dry hair. The rounded ends protect your hair and scalp from damage and reduce breakage and hair fall dramatically.
Your Go To Guide For Hair Combs - 5
Make a difference to your style and hair texture within minutes. This tool makes every day styling and grooming so much easier. Perfect for styling or applying henna and color. The fine teeth guarantee final detailing and a precision finish.
Your Go To Guide For Hair Combs - 6
Never compromise on voluminous hair again! This comb helps to separate your strands without combing out the volume. Ideal for using with a hair dryer or heat styling products. It easily detangles hair without damage to give you frizz free style.
Your Go To Guide For Hair Combs - 7
A hair lift comb is a must-have for girls with fine or thin hair.  This nifty comb is ideal to tease, backcomb or add volume to your locks. It helps to detangle, smooth and style strands giving body and volume too the limpest of hair.
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