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Your Handy-Dandy Guide about Intimate Hygiene

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Feminine hygiene

Fact: Your vagina runs on a self-cleansing mechanism. Independent, just like the lady, if you will. This does not mean you can skip TLC for your queen. Bare or bushy, however you choose to keep your vag, a gentle cleansing routine can go a long way at keeping things clean downstairs.

Let’s begin with a quick guide on how to keep your vajayjay clean.


How to Wash Your Vagina

Step 1: Pour a few drops of a gentle feminine wash onto your palm and dilute it with warm water.

Step 2: Gently massage the external area of your vagina with the solution.

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 4: With the help of a cotton washcloth, gently pat the area dry. Avoid aggressively rubbing it.


Best Practices for Intimate Hygiene

  • Sleep naked! Give your panties a miss and sleep in loose shorts or naked if you can. Ahem. Cotton underwear may be breathable but it tends to trap moisture which means rolling out the red carpet for bacteria. No, thanks.
  • If you want Lady V to be happy, make sure you’re munching on foods that keep yeast infections at bay. Make a beeline for Avocados, Cranberries and Sweet Potatoes the next time you go grocery shopping.
  • This is a standing instruction, no matter what the problem may be. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Why, now? Because if you don’t drink up, your pretty peach will be doomed to drought. And skewed pH balance is a wild card entry for bacterial infection. While we’re at it, Yogurt helps maintain the pH balance of your vag.
  • Aunt Flo’s on a visit? Ensure you’re following the best intimate hygiene by changing your sanitary napkins or tampons timely and keeping her favorite Miss V clean too.
  • Rough skin texture
  • Deep cracks especially on feet
  • So, you nailed it at the gym today. Attagirl! However, that still doesn’t mean you’re allowed to laze around in your sweaty panties. Of course, unless you’d like to personally invite bacteria home.
  • Avoid using your normal body soap to wash your vagina. In the absence of a dedicated feminine hygiene wash, stick to simply using water for a gentle cleanse.
  • Are you wiping right? If you don’t intend to swipe right on bacteria, ensure you wipe from front to back, instead of the other way around. Goddit?

Best Intimate Washes

We’ve rounded up the best intimate washes to up your hygiene game down there.

Intimate Hygiene Products– V-Bath Intimate Hygiene Cleanser

1. Mirah Belle Organic & Natural Tea Tree Chamomile Aloe Vera Intimate Hygiene Wash For Women

Your vagina secretly wants you to cart this antibacterial and antifungal hygiene wash. Why? It’s formulated to maintain optimal pH balance of your intimate area, thanks to the Tea Tree Oil and Chamomile extracts. The Aloe Vera extracts help combat infections and safeguard your vaginal health. Oh, and it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free.

2. Bella Intimate Wash Sensitive

Are you in a silent battle – dealing with an itchy and dry vajayjay and are too sensitive to do anything about it? News flash: Your delicate intimate area has been thirsting for a protective wash, infused with moisturizing D-panthenol. Bring Bella Intimate Wash Sensitive into the picture and say goodbye to dryness and skin irritation.

Feminine Hygiene Products–Bella Intimate Wash Sensitive
Intimate Hygiene Wash– V-Bath Intimate Hygiene Cleanser

3. V-Bath Intimate Hygiene Cleanser

We know you can’t ditch wearing those sexy satin thongs (read: more dampness) but they’ll only make your lady bits more susceptible to yeast. So, here’s a quick fix. The V-Bath Intimate Hygiene Cleanser is a pH balanced wash, infused with Milk Protein and Aloe Vera, suitable for daily use to keep your privates fresh and clean.

4. Clean & Dry Feminine Intimate Wash

Well, if your face receives all the care in the world we’d suggest you direct some attention to your nether regions too. Your best bet at doing it right is grabbing the Clean & Dry Feminine Intimate Wash to calm your agitated vulvarine and help keep infections at bay. Added bonus? Its revolutionary formula works effectively on skin darkening of your intimate areas.

Clean and Dry Intimate Wash – Clean & Dry Feminine Intimate Wash
Intimate Wash – Namyaa Natural Skincare Intimate Hygiene Wash

5. Namyaa Natural Skincare Intimate Hygiene Wash

It’s time you come clean if you’ve realized that zero investment in intimate hygiene is clearly pulling you (and your love life) down. Your love tunnel needs a surge of freshness that’ll eliminate the nasty odor-causing bacteria. Replete with Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Neem and Aloe Vera, this wash keeps your privates free of infections and odor.


Other Feminine Hygiene Products

1. Intimate Wet Wipes by SIRONA

If you’re a woman on the go and don’t really plan on hosting a minefield for bacteria downstairs, you need intimate wipes that’ll keep things fresh. The Intimate Wet Wipes by SIRONA are formulated to give your vajayjay a gentle cleanse while maintaining the pH balance. They’re also infused with sweet-smelling fruit extracts so you’re always smelling good.

Intimate Wipes – Namyaa Natural Skincare Intimate Hygiene Wash
Vagina Tightening Cream– Namyaa Natural Skincare Intimate Hygiene Wash

2. Zenvista V-Secret Vaginal Tightening Gel

Before you know, it’s time to hit the rewind button on your vagina. To the rescue: Zenvista V-Secret Vaginal Tightening Gel. Loaded with Centella Asiatica and Alum, it reshapes the pelvic wall to restore the elasticity of the opening. What’s more? This gel eliminates vaginal dryness and encourages the growth of newer cells. Oh, and it’s safe for intra-vaginal use as well.

3. HoneyPot Lubricating Gel

Yes, vaginal dryness is not so uncommon but hey, you don’t have to live with it. Some revelation, no? The HoneyPot Lubricating Gel will liberate you and how. This non-greasy formula is saturated with a blend of Chamomile extracts, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that nourish your vagina and relieve it of dryness. The best part? It’s free of Parabens and Scents, making it perfect for safe and gentle use.

Intimate Hygiene Products – Namyaa Natural Skincare Intimate Hygiene Wash
Intimate Hygiene – Namyaa Natural Skincare Intimate Hygiene Wash

4. Sirona Natural Anti Chafing Rash Cream

Rashes are fun, said no one ever. But then again from damp pads to sweat pants, there are all kinds of unavoidable recipes that lead to chafing. That’s why the relieving Sirona Natural Anti Chafing Rash Cream features on the wish list of your queen down there. Chock-full with Vegetable Squalene, Agarwood Oil and Tasmanian Pepper fruit extracts, it soothes and repairs troubled skin of your intimate area.


FAQs on Intimate Hygiene

1. How to keep your vag clean and smelling good?

  • Consider using a pH balancing feminine hygiene wash.
  • Add a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to your bath water and soak in it for 10 minutes. This’ll help reduce bacteria and infections.
  • Maintain good hygiene during your period.

2. Suggest some intimate wipes for feminine hygiene.

3. Which are the best feminine hygiene products?

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