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All Your Winter skin issues: RESOLVED!

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The onset of winter implies a lot of things: sweat-free days, cashmere scarves, luxurious velvet dresses, delicious cocoa on cool brisk evenings… (you get the drift). However, each year as we look forward to that delectable nip in the air, our skin hardly seems to be on the same page; so, as soon as the temperature nose-dives, our skin develops an unquenchable thirst—rendering it dull, dehydrated and listless. The worst part? It often comes with added sensitivity and inflammations which flare up without any warning. Sigh.
Well, the hard truth is that winter skin issues are a given; not that it means you have to suffer in silence. We have rounded up some of the most harrowing (and common) problems that plague us during winters and their fool-proof solutions.

Read on to save yourself and winter-proof your skin with these winter skin care tips:

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    You Say: “My Face Is Full Of Dry, Itchy Patches”

    Solution: Pesky dry patches are the stuff of beauty nightmares. To fix them, we propose staying away from harsh cleansers or exfoliants that can further exacerbate this issue; instead reach out for mild moisturizing cleansers which remove dead cells, without drying the skin further. Now in addition to your regular serums and face creams, it’s important to coat those problem areas with humectants (Re: Hyaluronic Acid) to seal moisture in. Last but not the least, slather your skin with hydrating night creams to plump up your skin overnight.

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    You Say: “My Hands And Feet Feel Like Sandpaper”

    Solution: Do raw knuckles, rough cuticles and scaly legs sound familiar? Listen up ladies: unlike our face, hands and feet have even fewer oil glands, making them prone to winter dryness. In addition to regular moisturization, slather your hands and feet in hydrating lotions and stick them in a pair of cotton gloves and socks while you sleep. A fortnightly manicure, pedicure (as well as masking) is an added bonus.

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    You Say: “I Have Cracked Lips All Winter”

    Solution: This one’s the most common problem of ’em all. Start by whipping up a scrub with Coconut Oil and Sugar; gently rub it all over your lips to remove dry, dead skin. You can also apply honey on your lips, followed by Vaseline. Leave this on for 10 minutes before rinsing off. Finish with a generous coat of your favourite lip balm. 

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    You Say: “I Have Rudolph’s Nose”

    Solution: That cold draft along with all the nose blowing (damn that niggling cold), can give you red nose syndrome. Well, one of the easiest ways to fix this is by applying some clear lip balm to your nose. A super moisturizing ointment can work wonders too!

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    You Say: “My Skin Always Feels Dehydrated”

    Solution: It’s no surprise that the onslaught of the cold winter air can wreak havoc on your skin. God forbid if you already have dry skin to begin with. Counter this by buffing your skin with a Jojoba-based exfoliant to get rid of flaky skin. Next, pat on a nutrient-rich serum and layer it with a rich face moisturiser. Finish off with a luxurious facial oil, to seal everything down. Result: Healthy, nourished skin sans any dryness.

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    You say: “My Elbows/Knees Are Turning Dark. Yikes!”

    Solution: Elbows and knees are more susceptible to dead skin build up—rendering them dark, rough and ashy over time. De-scale and soothe them by rubbing a banana peel over those patches in a circular motion. Next, swap your regular creams in favour of emollient creams (containing Glycerol, Lanolin, Sunflower Seed Oil) for smooth and soft skin. You can also apply three to four drops of Vitamin E oil post your shower to soften the affected areas. Now ain’t that easy enough?

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