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Best Eyelash Curlers For Hypnotic Peepers

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If an eyelash curler could write its own bio, this is how it would be: I may look terrifying but, once you get to know me, there’s no looking away. So, be prepared to fall in love.

Well, we’ve had our share of experiences and we can’t deny it. After all, this tool does your fancy mascara a favour by giving your eyelashes a dramatic curl. What’s more? It comfortably cuddles up to the poker-straight lashes and makes them appear prettier and fuller. So, if lush lashes is on your agenda, snag a good lash curler ASAP.

How To Use Eyelash Curler

Curling lashes is not tricky as it seems. As long as you get a few basics right, you can have curly lashes anytime.

Step 1: Firstly, take position. Stand in front of a mirror and tilt your head slightly back while still looking at the mirror.

Step 2: Now, keeping your eyes open, hold the eyelash curler close to your eyes. While taking care to not touch your eyelid, fit your lashes between the clamps of the curler.

Step 3: Gently close the clamp and hold this position for four seconds. Then slowly work the curler upward before releasing the clamp. Your eyelashes should now appear curled and lifted.

Step 4: Repeat this on the lashes of your other eye. Continue with the rest of your eyelash makeup.

Best Eyelash Curlers

We’ve rounded up the best eyelash curlers to get you started.

vega eyelash curler

1. VEGA Premium Eyelash Curler

An affordable godsend for the stubborn lashes that refuse to lift – VEGA Premium Eyelash Curler – is loved by newbies and seasoned pros alike. Easy to handle, this pretty curler can help you bring the dramatic lash look home while promising to not pinch. It boasts of a comfortable curling pad to avoid any accidental injuries. Minimal pressure and maximum impact, if you will.

2. Kai 000KQ0974 PC Eyelash Curler Compact Pink

Butter fingers? Well, we’ve found you a trusty curler that won’t let go and ruin your lashes, especially in a compact design that fits your purse. The Kai 000KQ0974 PC Eyelash Curler Compact Pink comes with its special simple squeeze action design. Not only that, the silicon pads curve your eyelashes in all eye shapes from almond to round, gentle enough to not crimp your lashes.

lash curler - kai
eyelash curler - nyx

3. NYX Professional Makeup Eyelash Curler ELC01

If your experience with eyelash curlers has only been restricted to pinching and prodding you’ve been choosing the wrong ones honey. NYX Professional Makeup Eyelash Curler will help boost your flutter game sans pain. This cruelty free curler hugs even the tiniest of baby lashes hiding in the corners to give them an arch. Don’t just take our word for it, try it.

4. Seki Edge SS-600 Spot Lash Eyelash Curler

Don’t be deceived by the quirky design of this seemingly complicated curler. The Seki Edge SS-600 Spot Lash Eyelash Curler is in fact here to make your life a lot easier and how? The narrow width means easy reach to the resistant teeny lashes that can otherwise by overlooked by ordinary curlers. Plus, its silicone pad on the eye bed is antibacterial which means you can afford to be lazy when it comes to diligently cleaning this tool.

eyelash curler – seki edge
best eyelash curlers – Bronson professional

5. Bronson Professional Supreme Eyelash Curler

Who says it’s normal for at least one of your tiny lashes to sacrifice its life (RE: get yanked away) while you transform ‘em to fluttering beauties? Bronson Professional Supreme Eyelash Curler with its ergonomic design puts a stop to lash breakage. The super soft pads effectively opens up your eyes without damaging the delicate lashes. Plus, the curved angle makes it easier for use on most eye shapes and sizes.

6. Panasonic Beauty Eyelash Curler (EH-SE60VP451)

Not your regular curler, the Panasonic Beauty Eyelash Curler features a 360° heated rotating comb for even curling of your lashes with ease. The heat spreads evenly and gently locks the curl in one place for long. Compact and light, you can simply toss it in your bag when traveling. The best bit? It comes with a cleaning brush to keep the tool clean. Oh and yes, you can also use it to blend falsies with your natural lashes on days when you feel bolder.

best eyelash curlers - panasonic
gubb usa eyelash curler

7. GUBB USA Eyelash Curler Rose Gold Color

Eyelash curlers can be comfortable. Period. If you are having a hard time agreeing to this wait until you meet the GUBB USA Eyelash Curler. The thick, rounded and highly durable silicone pad delivers the perfect cushioning for delicate lashes while curling them. Think of this tried-and-true favorite as the go-to option to swoop your eyelashes for extra oomph. P.S. The gorgeous rose gold hue is uplifting enough.

8. Gorgio Professional Eyelash Curler Coated GEC-20

Sure, it looks intimidating. The Gorgio Professional Eyelash Curler, however, is everything you’ve been looking for in an eyelash curler. Its ergonomic design makes curling lashes a breeze. The silicone pads in the eye bed are thick and rounded to ensure a soft grip so it won’t crimp or stick to your lashes. So, if you’re just starting out, you can count on this genius to give you exceptional results.

best eyelash curlers – Gorgio professional

How To Curl Eyelashes Without Curler

So, your curler has chosen to go MIA in the bottomless pit of chaos that is your tote bag? Happens to the best of us. Here are a few last-minute fixes to curl your lashes sans curler.

how to curl eyelashes without curler

1. Spoon

Step 1: Dip a metal spoon in a cup of warm water for 2 minutes.

Step 2: Next, press the curved base of the warm spoon over your eyelid and gently push the lashes against the curved edge of the spoon for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side.

2. Mascara

Step 1: Coat your lashes with mascara as usual.

Step 2: Now, press the mascara brush against the base of the lashes for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side.

how to curl eyelashes without curler – mascara
how to curl eyelashes at home

3. Cotton Swab

Step 1: Coat your lashes with your regular mascara as usual.

Step 2: Now, hold a Q- tip cotton swab against the base of your lashes and work it upwards.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side.

4. Toothbrush

Step 1: Dip a clean toothbrush in a mug of warm water. Then, dry the brush by dabbing it on a cotton towel.

Step 2: Use the warm toothbrush to gently brush your lashes upwards and curl at the tips.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side.

how to curl eyelashes at home - toothbrush
how to curl eyelashes at home – hand

5. Hands

Step 1: Immerse your fingertips in a mug of warm water.

Step 2: Placing your pointing finger across the eyelid, press up the lashes.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side.

FAQs On Eyelash Curlers

1. Do you use an eyelash curler before or after mascara?

We recommend using the eyelash curler prior to applying mascara. It’s safer to avoid using the eyelash curler after you coat your lashes with mascara. This is because mascara tends to make the lashes brittle and prone to breakage. Thus, using the curler on mascara coated lashes then causes the lashes to break. Also, the cushion in the curler can stick to the mascara and make the lashes susceptible to breakage.

2. Does Vaseline help eyelashes stay curled?

Yes, you can use Vaseline for eyelash as it can be used to gently curl the lashes. Simply coat your lashes from the inner corners to the outer corners with a thin layer of Vaseline. Avoid using large quantities as it could enter your eyes and result in burning sensation.

3. Are heated eyelash curlers safe?

Heated eyelash curlers apply lesser pressure on lashes as they don’t clamp your lashes. The only caveat is that these curlers need a power supply to function.

4. What is the best eyelash curler?

  1. PAC Professional Eyelash Curler
  2. Bronson Professional Premium Eyelash Curler (Color May Vary As Per The Availability)
  3. Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler
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