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#ChallengeAccepted: Living (Almost) Waste-Free for Whole Week

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#ChallengeAccepted: Living (Almost) Waste Free for Whole Week - 1

‘Reuse, recycle, reduce’ is our motto and here’s the lowdown on how I switched up my daily routines to incorporate this zero-waste policy by using eco-friendly beauty products.

#ChallengeAccepted: Living (Almost) Waste Free for Whole Week - 2
The ChallengeDitching my beaded-cleansers, fancy serums and plastic-bottled lotions
My Sustainable Skincare Regime – I have an oily face. On second thought, -scratch that oiliness is my arch nemesis! Every day I lose The Greasy Battle to my slick-producing, hyperactive glands perpetually in overdrive. But, since clogged oceans are far worse than blocked pores, I had to breakup with my trusty anti-acne, oil-free skincare products. Going for plastic-free beauty products, I put my DIY-hands to action filling the MUD Glass Jar with honey. As I rinsed with this natural humectant on the first day itself, my skin felt fresh without being stripped away of its natural oils. To get rid of build-up I added a few tease spoons of raw sugar to another jar and presto – my very own exfoliating scrub. To tone I purchased Nykaa Naturals Rose Essential Oil a valiant anti-acne hero that doubles up as a serum-cum-moisturizer when my skin feels like it needs more.  
The VerdictMy simple switch in routine had instant results. One – my face looks radiant truly being one with nature, two – my bathroom cabinet is clutter-free!  
Quick Tip: If you find yourself with no access to your sweet-jar, blotting paper soaks excess oil up.
The ChallengeTotally revamping my plastic-filled vanity
My Sustainable Makeup Regime – Imagine this: me, plonked at the kitchen counter mixing beeswax and charcoal powder to make mascara. Hours later, all I was left with was a messy table studded with budge-proof, black beeswax. Instead of taking matters into my own hands, I found being practical is better (until the market is flooded with all-green cosmetics). For foundation, I squeezed a whole lot of lotion into my almost-over bottle et voila – my personalized tinted-moisturizer. I even snagged a few drops of bae’s saline drops to thin out an old mascara instead of tossing it out. Things took a turn for the worse as I tried my hand at a beetroot lip tint, leading to my first bamboo-packed pick with OMORFEE Rose Tinted Lip Salve. My most efficient choice though was Makeup Eraser Mini Red - Makeup Remover as I’ll never be flooding landfills with cotton swabs ever again.
The Verdict It’s true, I did fail miserably at being completely waste-free, but I managed to score brownie points for originality since I’m not missing out on makeup while going trash-free.  
Quick Tip: Choose metal pots and containers with refillable pans instead of use-n-throw.
#ChallengeAccepted: Living (Almost) Waste Free for Whole Week - 3
#ChallengeAccepted: Living (Almost) Waste Free for Whole Week - 4
The ChallengeGoing a step further from SLS & paraben-free to completely au-naturale
My Sustainable Skincare Regime – Honestly, before the challenge I hadn’t really thought about how those premium plastic bottles and fancy jars sitting atop my bathroom shelf would be disposed.  Luckily for me, my curly hair is quite manageable with the right ingredients. The Old Soul Coconut Oil rescued me every alternate day as I undid my tangles. I even got a hold of Tjori’s Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar that’s extremely easy to store. Instead of the usual curl-defining hair gels I spritzed lemon juice and water that added a protective layer as well as shine. When I needed an extra dose of hydration I blended avocado with olive oil and brushed the thick paste into my mane with The Body Shop Hairbrush With Bamboo Pins
The VerdictTruly speaking, simplifying my haircare routine was the best choice ever and mostly likely the easiest crossover as my curls feel closer to their natural state than ever.
Quick Tip: If you’re too lazy to make your own conditioner, just load up on olive oil to do wonders.
The ChallengeGetting rid of sanitary waste and disposable razors
My Sustainable Makeup Regime – Being a woman, each month can be quite taxing when visited by the ill-timed Red Date. To put a number to it all, we use about 10-15 pads in the week that we’re chumming leading up to a whopping yearly figure. I put an end to this ordeal with Rustic Art’s Menstrual Cup I must admit the first time ever it did pop before I placed it correctly, but you get the hang of it pretty soon. I went up to 8 hours without a worry in the world, and used my free-time to upgrade to stainless steel WayToShave The Double Edge Razor ( Pack of 20 Blades + 1 Razor Handle ) No more girly purple razors going to trash each month.
The VerdictI am never going back to regular pads again, trust me, this is just too sanitary. No foul odour, no staining mishaps, no untimely bathroom breaks, ever.  
Quick Tip:Opt for Elite Models (France) Spa 100% Bamboo Fiber Loofah Body Scrubber Glove loofah as it takes off dead cells and improves blood circulation while massaging.
#ChallengeAccepted: Living (Almost) Waste Free for Whole Week - 5
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