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How To Get Fair Skin For Men

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There we said it; there’s nothing wrong with men dreaming about a fair, radiant complexion. So, while tall, dark and handsome has been the beauty norm since time immemorial, the men’s beauty space has surely gotten a ‘fair’ update in the recent years. With men today paying more attention to grooming and skincare regimens, it’s no surprise that the demand for men’s fairness products have been on an upswing. Moreover, the quest for fairness products isn’t just limited to lightening one’s natural skin color; various factors such as dust, pollution, unhealthy food habits, acne, and tanning can often cause skin to look dull, lacklustre and dark.

Fret not, these supper effective fairness tips for men will tackle all your concerns STAT.

  1. 1. Pick The Right Products

    • Sharing beauty products with your SO might be convenient, but not really effective in the long run.
    • This is because men have thicker, rougher and tougher skin than their female counterparts—owing to higher levels of androgen (particularly testosterone).
    • Moreover, the growth of beard and moustache can often lead to clogged pores and ingrown hair. This is why it’s imperative you choose products with potent ingredients that addresses these concerns and achieve better results.
  2. 2. Wash & Exfoliate

    • A good cleansing and exfoliation regimen is non-negotiable
    • The foundation of a bright and fair complexion is to cleanse your skin daily¬—once after waking up and the other before going to bed.
    • One of the best fairness face wash for men is the Garnier Men Power White Intensive Fairness Face Wash that removes impurities, pollutants and dark cells for an intensive fairness action.
    • Once a week, exfoliate with Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub For Men that will remove all the dead and dry cells present in the skin. Result? Deeply cleansed, tingly-smooth skin.
  3. 3. Moisturize Away

  4. 4. Apply A Face Mask

    • Nah, masks are never too girly. While scrubs and face washes are cabinet essentials, there is nothing like a potent mask that can fix all your specific skin concerns.
    • For maximum effect you will want to use a mask twice every week; alternately you can use it whenever you want to spruce up your skin in a jiffy.
    • Try the Qraa Instant Facial For Men that combines the benefits of cleansing, scrubbing, tightening, smoothing and glowing—all in a matter of a few minutes.
    • You can also incorporate a sheet mask such as the Skin Republic Men's Energising Face Mask Sheet that provides an energising boost to tired and dry skin. Perfect for the man in the go!
  • 5. Night Skincare Routine

  • Men’s Fairness Routines For Different Skin Types

    The most important step to getting skin that is fair and bright is by following a regimen that’s tailor made for you. Just like most skincare routines go, it’s essential to choose fairness products according to your skin type in order to obtain the best results. We tell you how.
    1. 1. Skin Type: Oily

      • Since men typically have larger oil glands, they tend to produce more sebum than women and therefore have oily skin.
      • As a result, a man's skin is more prone to blackheads, breakouts and acne. This is why it’s imperative to choose a product that controls oil and brightens the complexion at the same time.
      • For oily skin, the best fairness face wash for men is the Nivea Advanced Whitening Oil Control Face Wash that effectively reduces oiliness and controls acne causing bacteria (win-win).
      • Next, choose a men’s fairness cream for oily skin. One of the best men’s fairness cream for oily skin is the The Man Company Multani Mitti & Coco Butter Skin Brightening Cream that helps rebalance your overall skin tone and reduces dark spots naturally.
      • At night, use a gel-based cream such as the Votre D-Pigmentation Gel Creme Skin Lightening that treats age spots, sun spots, freckles, darkening of the skin as well as help exfoliate and inhibit hyper pigmentation—giving you a clear, even complexion.
    2. 2. Skin Type: Dry

    3. 3. Skin Type: Sensitive

      • Over cleansing can strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving sensitive skin dry and flaky. This where natural and herbal beauty products come into play.
      • If you haven’t done this already, swap your regular cleansers for gentle formulations that get the job done without irritating your skin further.
      • We recommend the VLCC Ayush Men Face Wash that is infused with naturally derived potent actives (Neem, Liquorice and Tulsi) that that reinvigorates & helps battle bad effects of pollution.
      • Post cleansing hydrate your skin with The Nature's Co. Spirulina Moisturising Cream For Men. Enriched with Spirulina (containing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties), it calms the skin and protects it from irritating agents..
      • Alternately you can also use the Inveda Whitening Cream for Men (infused with Almond, Vitamin E & Natural extracts) that is adept at whitening, smoothening & toning the Skin.
    4. 4. Skin Type: Normal

    FAQ Section

    I prefer herbal and natural skin products. Can you suggest an ayurvedic fairness cream for men?

    Herbal and natural beauty products are the best bet when you are looking for gentle skincare products that won’t irritate your skin. You can use the VLCC Ayush Men Moisturiser or the Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening Night Cream For Men that is suitable for all skin types.

    Can a man use a women’s fairness product?

    It’s a hard fact that a fairness cream for men is different from that of their female counterparts. This is largely due to the fact that a woman’s skin is softer and thinner; while a man’s skin is 20% thicker as it’s richer in collagen and elastin. Hence, fairness cream for men may contain higher concentration of ingredients so that they can penetrate the thick exterior and offer the desired results.
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