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Discover The Best Loofahs For Your Skin

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We are sure you know the importance of exfoliating your face – according to a paper published in the International Journal of Current Science, exfoliation is a treatment that detoxifies the skin and stimulates its metabolism. But do you know that the rest of your body needs some scrubbing, too? This is where loofahs come in! Dead skin cells have an awful habit of accumulating on the surface of the skin, thereby preventing it from appearing youthful and rejuvenated. This is why having a skin exfoliating shower scrub is essential! Typically, a loofah goes hand in hand with a loofah shower gel which helps exfoliate as well as cleanse your body.

Here are some loofah benefits that will convince you to make it a part of your daily skincare routine:

  • Does your skin appear mysteriously dull? Scrubbing it with a loofah can help get rid of dead skin cells that are not visible to the naked eye. A loofah is an effective dead skin remover sponge that comes in many varieties.
  • In addition to exfoliation, loofahs also effectively cleanse your body with soap. With just one shower accessory, one can both exfoliate and cleanse!
  • Loofahs also massage the skin, thereby increasing blood circulation in the body – an observation concurred by The National Library of Medicines. The study states that lumbar massage is associated with an increase in blood flow in local regions.

How To Use Loofah

If you’re wondering about the right way to use a loofah, here’s a step-wise guide to the same!

Step 1: Dampen the loofah by placing it under running water.

Step 2: Once the loofah is damp enough, squeeze a small amount of loofah shower gel onto it.

Step 3: The next step is to rub the loofah all over your body. This will create a lather. Make sure to exfoliate and cleanse with care and attention.

Step 4: Rinse off with water, as usual.

P.S: Always clean the loofah, or else it might harbour bacteria.

The Best Loofah Scrubs

Here’s a lowdown on all the different types of loofah sponges you can get your hands on.

skin exfoliating shower sponge - nykaa

1. Nykaa Wanderlust Loofah

The Nykaa Wanderlust Loofah is all about a luxurious bathing experience every single day! Silky-soft in texture, this loofah is an expert at scrubbing not just dead skin cells, but also dirt that accumulates on the surface of the skin. It’s super light, creates a rich lather, and comes with a little rope that can be used to conveniently hang in your bathroom.

2. Babila Luxury Back Sponge -A Ba-V028

Having trouble exfoliating and cleansing your back? The Babila Luxury Back Sponge -A Ba-V028 is just what you need. This loofah back scrubber will help you reach all the inaccessible parts of your back and gently massage them. Don’t worry about any kind of unexpected scratching or damage to the skin because this scrubber is as foolproof as it gets. It’ll cause no harm!

loofah back scrubber
organic loofah

3. MCaffeine Natural Loofah

This unique natural loofah is made using the roots of Ramie fabric and not plastic. It has a convenient hand band which helps with an easy grip. Use this one-of-a-kind loofah after running it under water for gentle exfoliation of the skin. To help add to the fabric’s longevity, let the loofah air dry after every use.

4. Fiama Bath Essentials Lacey Loofah

This Fiama Bath Essentials Lacey Loofah is perfect for some spa-like pampering on a regular basis. Dermatologically tested, this loofah is an excellent exfoliant that smoothens and brightens the skin. It also encourages microcirculation and gets rid of dead cells, dirt, and grime. It’s also germ resistant so you know you can bank on it!

fiama loofah
body shop loofah

5. The Body Shop Cream Bath Lily

The Body Shop Cream Bath Lily is a lathering loofah sponge that is extremely gentle on the skin. The mesh-like texture of the scrub does not poke or pinch, rather it feels smooth and nourishing. A premium shower accessory, pair this loofah with a good shower gel and enjoy!

6. Bare Essentials Oval Loofah Pad

Made from natural loofah fibres, this Bare Essentials Oval Loofah Pad is a pro at scrubbing and unclogging skin pores. The best part? You don’t have to worry about the loofah getting wet during showering, as it is designed with an elastic band on the back.

Satsuma Loofah Bar
body shop loofah

7. Majestique Long Handle Bath Loofah

This innovative back-scrubber loofah by Majestic is a must-have in your bathroom. The soft-nylon mesh offers a rejuvenating shower experience by gently cleansing and exfoliating your skin. The best part? The extended handle helps you reach difficult-to-access areas, ensuring the skin is soft and reinvigorated. Grab this durable version of a loofah to elevate your bathing regimen now.

8. VEGA Basic Hand Loofah

This loofah by VEGA fits into the palm of your hand and removes the dead-dried cells from the dermis while ensuring a thorough cleanse. Just keep the scrubbing pad under running water for 2 minutes and see the natural fabric of the loofah expand for a phenomenal bathing experience. Add a coin-sized amount of your favourite gel or cleanser on this damp pad to create a rich lather. And voila, you’re set for an invigorating shower experience.

Satsuma Loofah Bar
body shop loofah

9. Nat Habit Natural Sun Dried Bath Loofah

This handmade natural loofah by Nat Habit eliminates the risk of skin irritation or inflammation caused by microfibers and plastics. Devoid of chemicals, this loofah pad expels build-up and prevents the ingrowth of hair, all while gently cleansing the skin for a rejuvenated complexion. Moreover, this sun-dried inventive loofah is environmentally friendly, a step further in the pursuit of beauty sustainability. Grab this product from Nykaa STAT.

10. GUBB Luxe Bath Sponge Round Loofah For Women & Men

Has your skin been looking dull and lifeless lately? If yes, grab the GUBB Luxe Bath Sponge to restore your complexion to its former glory! Each loofah is crafted with multiple layers of quality fabric matrix which easily lathers body wash for deep exfoliation. Available in 6 beautiful pastel shades, you can hang the loofah to air dry with the help of its elastic hoop.

Satsuma Loofah Bar

Products To Be Used With Loofah

If you plan on using a loofah scrub, then you’ll need other bath products to go with it for sure! So, here’s a list of some of the best loofah products that will alleviate your loofah bath experience:

loofah body wash - nykaa

1. Nykaa Wanderlust French Lavender Shower Gel & Bath Sponge

A good loofah needs an equally good shower gel to go with it. The Nykaa Wanderlust French Lavender Shower Gel & Bath Sponge has a calming aroma, which makes it the perfect self-care product to start your day with. It is also enriched with nourishing Aloe Vera extracts which hydrate the skin, making it extremely smooth and soft.

2. Nyassa Asian Lemongrass Handmade Loofah Soap

Sourced directly from the bustling streets of Mumbai, this handmade loofah soap has an invigorating zesty fragrance that will leave you feeling as fresh as lemon grass. Made using a unique ‘melt and pour’ technique, the Nyassa Asian Lemongrass Handmade Loofah Soap is moisturizing in nature. When used with a natural exfoliant, like a loofah, this bar soap can do wonders in rejuvenating your skin!

loofah soaps - nyassa
loofah soaps – india grooming club

3. BodyHerbals Romance, Hand Made Rose Geranium Bathing Bar with Natural Loofah

Herbal, handmade, and aromatic – the BodyHerbals Romance Bathing Bar is everything you could ask for! This loofah soap brings with it the freshness and soothing properties of rose. It has a germanium base that deeply exfoliates the dermis, revealing a bright and clear surface underneath. When used with a loofah sponge, this soap bar creates a rich lather and helps prevent episodes of body odour.

4. Dove Gentle exfoliating Body Wash- Moisturizing Body Wash For Soft & Smooth Skin

For skin that feels milky-soft and bright, we recommend the popular Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash. This loofah shower gel has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, thereby effectively cleansing and moisturising it. When used with the loofah, this body wash forms a generous amount of lather that makes it easy to scrub away dead skin cells and other pollutants accumulated on the skin.

loofah body wash - dove
 loofah body wash - pears

5. Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash With Free Loofah

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as starting your day with a hot water loofah scrub and the Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash. This loofah-friendly liquid body soap is soap-free. With a unique glycerin formula, this body wash is capable of effectively eliminating germs from the surface of the skin. When used with a loofah, it helps exfoliate and add life to the skin, making it less dull.

FAQs On Loofah Scrubs

1. What is the best thing to wash your body with?

If you’re looking for a shower accessory that will change your bathing experience, then consider using a loofah. Loofahs help you achieve the dual objective of cleansing as well as eliminating dead cells from the surface of the skin. They make it easier to form lather and scrub dirt off your skin. Some loofahs also help clean the hard-to-reach parts of the back. However, do keep in mind that a loofah must be used along with a shower gel or bar soap. Also, it must be stored in a hygienic place after being cleaned properly.

2. Is using a loofah bad?

No, using a loofah as a part of your daily bath regime is not bad. However, if not cleaned and stored properly, loofahs can become home to germs, bacteria, and other dirt that is scrubbed off the body. Hence, it is important to regularly clean and dispose of your loofah.

3. Can you use bar soap with a loofah?

Yes, a bar soap can be used with a loofah. All you have to do is rub the soap against the loofah to form lather, and then exfoliate your body with the loofah. Alternatively, you can also use a liquid soap or a body wash.

4. How often should I change a loofah?

Ideally, you should replace a natural loofah every three to four weeks. The other kind of loofahs should be replaced every two months.

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