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Nail care 101

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Have you ever opened a brand new jar of Nutty’s Peanut Butter at midnight only to end up chipping a nail? Clumsily manhandled your car keys badly enough to scrape off the topcoat of your freshly manicured pinkies? This madness must come to an end! We all suffer the cyclic trauma of desperately trying to maintain our nails, but are we really doing a smart job? Instead of splurging on pricey manis, let’s start with simple things we can do stop mishaps in their tracks. After all, who doesn’t love a perfectly pretty set of nails.

Read on for some nail mistakes we make and some nail care tips to fix them:

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First thing’s first; if your nails start developing ridges and turn perplexing hues of yellow it’s time to give your dermatologist a holler. However, we’d recommend a DIY manicure first. All you need to do is soak your hands in hot water and use a scrub like Juicy Chemistry Citrus & Sage (Hand & Foot Scrub) to gently exfoliate dead cells and nail discoloration. Next, dry your hands and nails and slather on a dab of Vitamin E oil like Richfeel Vitamin E++ Skin Oil onto cuticles. Next, apply a base coat to protect your nails.


We moisturize our face and body so why not our nails too? Much like the rest of our body, our nails need hydration. If your nails look like they’re barely making it through a drought, you could use some help. Quench this thirst with your regular hand cream like Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream or use olive oil. Bonus tip: Massage the oil into your fingers just before sleeping. Then wear cotton gloves to lock in the moisture. You’ll have healthy nails overnight!
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Don’t type with your nails

At work or play while you’re jabbing away at your keyboard or touch pad, stop for a second and think about your poor nails. The constant stress can damage your nails, causing minute chips and cracks. Instead, use your fingertips as far as possible for typing and writing.

Using your nails as shovels

It’s common to see gals using their talons to scoop up objects or use them to pick apart a cumbersome thread or button. It’s a cardinal rule: leave picking to your hands and palms, and lifting to your muscles.
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Eating with your hands

I know we love to eat with our fingers but that’s the best way to get food lodged under finger nails or staining nails with haldi. Use a fork and a spoon as far as possible, and if you do end up using your fingers, make sure to thoroughly soap your hands afterwards.

Short and Sweet

Feel like you can easily manage four-inch-long Lady Gaga nails? Be my guest. But for those of us who struggle to get up two minutes earlier to comb their hair, short and sweet nails are the way to go. They’re easier to maintain and you’re far less likely to snag them in zippers and Lycra pants.
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If it doesn’t pop, just drop it

If there’s one thing we women occasionally need a man for, it’s to open those crazy tight pickle and jam jars. Can’t open it? Drop it. Seek help from someone around you. Your nails will thank you.


This step wouldn't be complete without the Nykaa Nail Care- 7-in-1 Nail Spa. Embarrassed by weak, bitten, or thin nails? Enriched with actives, this miraculous formula will take you a step closer to stronger, smoother and shinier nails. While Acetyl-Methionine add to the natural Keratin of your nails, Amino Acids stimulate the growth and Vitamin E hydrates the nail bed. C’mon woman, your nails deserve a spa sesh too!
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Once you follow these nail care tips religiously, we’re sure you’ll have nails as unbreakable as the Nokia Asha, and hands softer than a baby’s bottom!
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