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Party Vibes! Hair Extravaganza For The Boozy Season

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Party Vibes! Hair Extravaganza For The Boozy Season - 1
It’s that time of the year again when drunk nights slip into hungover mornings and then into drunker afternoons. Are we complaining? Not at all, bruh.
Drink-cember is upon us. No points for guessing, we’re already fishing online for the tiniest of LBDs and the highest of stilettos. But what about your mane, honey? Can’t step out with that unkempt mop of hair, can you?

Broke, non-committal or just plain lazy, here’s how your hair can look as LIT as the party. Read on to know about the best party hairstyles and party hair tips:

Don’t bother with the thank-yous.
  • Woke Up Broke

    When it’s time to disco but your (empty) wallet doesn’t quite agree with your party mood, cheap comes naturally. Speaking of cheap thrills, there’s a reason why we root for balayage every effin time. Show the finger to that ever-pricey salon and go for this free-hand technique that involves zero use of foils. Colors like the L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Highlights are more like our jam. The transition is so natural and the grow out period so inconspicuous that ‘retouch’ will soon be a forgotten word. Amen.

    Party Vibes! Hair Extravaganza For The Boozy Season - 2
  • Party Vibes! Hair Extravaganza For The Boozy Season - 3

    One Night Stand

    The temptation of crazy hair experiments is tough to resist but regret is a stronger emotion. The good news is that you can still take on the brights without comprising on your non-committal way of life. Scribble ‘washout formulas’ over ‘courage’ in your bold-hair-checklist. Apply the Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream on the ends or just spritz the BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour for a dramatic splash of spunk. Electric blue or purple punk – just get rid of the color (along with your hangover) the morning after. Yayy.

  • A Piece Of Cake

    God bless the soul that invented hair extensions. How else could you literally just ‘clip on’ a new hairstyle? Want a gorg set of waist-grazers? Go for the BBLUNT B Long, Length And Volume Clip In Hair Extension. Craving for a fringe-full forehead? Swear by the BBLUNT The Fringe, Straight Fringe Clip In Hair Extension. Want a taste of the highlighting shiz? Streak it away with this vibrant baby, the BBlunt Colour Quickies Clip-On Hair Extensions - Purple Haze. Literally extensions that are an extension of the party animal that you are.

    Party Vibes! Hair Extravaganza For The Boozy Season - 4
  • Party Vibes! Hair Extravaganza For The Boozy Season - 5

    Accessories = Necessities

    Honestly, not everyone realises the value of these understated hair kitty heroes. A hair piece, when used wisely, adds the X-factor to a rather basic hairdo. How about some bangin’ bling to go with your ensemble, like the Hair Drama Company Silver Hair Shimmer? Or maybe you could charm your way into a dressy evening with the Hair Drama Company Charmed String Head Chain? Or re-waltz your way into bae’s heart with the Toniq Love Struck Hair Band? Take your pick, honey boo.

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