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Spring Hair Trends That Everyone’s Talking About

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The Greeks have been giving us serious style goals since, maybe, forever. Talk about the toga and you’ll hear thunderous applause. Proceed to the front braid entwined with gold leaves, and you’ll find a legion of women on their knees, hands on chest. So this season, we had a little chat with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, as she chilled under a Sakura tree, hair dressed in a lovely bun, sipping on a glass of peach iced tea. She seemed happy to help us mortals decode a few sassy spring hair trends to get us trending.

For mortals, one and all

You could be a short haired beauty or you could be bestowed with Rapunzel’s tresses. These pretty spring hair ideas are for EVERYONE.

Spring hairstyles & trends for this season

    Spring Hairstyles - Buns
  1. Whimsical Buns

    The top knot bids a gay farewell while the low bun takes centre stage. Spruce up your locks with abstract, funky interpretations of whimsical buns that sing happily of spring.

  2. 2
  3. Bang, Bang!

    Yup, there is a lot of banging when it involves radical haircuts. We totally vote for front or side bangs that border on cutesy while still allowing you individuality.

  4. Spring Haircuts - Bangs
    Spring Hair Trends - Accessorize
  5. Accessorize

    “Keep it simple.” Yawn* Why be Plain Jane when you could pop, shimmy and shine? Dazzle up your locks with ribbon moments, bejewelled Victorian hair combs and tiara hairbands that get your queening mode on!

  6. 4
  7. Braid Up!

    Boho and loose spell “last season.” Do the braid right with tight, streamlined and functional renderings that accentuate your facial features and celebrate them gloriously. Let this spring hairstyle idea do its magic this season!

  8. Spring Hairstyle Ideas – Braid Up
    Spring Hair Ideas – Do it Red
  9. Do the Red

    Walk in the proud steps of RiRi’s red, red waves. Hues of burgundy and copper-red are called into being this season to give your tresses a love alert.

For Short Hair Mortals

It’s a misnomer that cropped lock beauties have to remain content with boring, plain old bobs. Look around, there’s no dearth of easy-to-manage styles to amp up your looks.

Spring Haircuts for Short Hair

  1. Choppy Bobs

    Embrace loose, tousled waves in your bob to accentuate movement, volume and bounce.

  2. Spring Haircuts – Choppy Bob
    Spring Haircut Ideas – Razor Musings
  3. Razor Musings

    The blunt cut turns sexy. Goodbye, school-girl hair. And hello to the hip, upbeat razored blunt.

  4. 3
  5. Rowdy Layers

    Do the choppy bob minus the bangs. Study Jennifer Lawrence’s rude layers to spice things up.

  6. Spring Hair Ideas - Layers

For Mortals with Medium-Length Hair

Having nice, medium length hair is awesome and versatile. Here are some stunning ways to wear your tresses this spring.

Spring Haircuts for Medium-Length Hair

    Spring Haircuts – Add Bounce Factor
  1. Nice and Thick

    Keep your tresses fuller like Jessica’s. Stock up on the bounce factor with a straight line finish.

  2. 2
  3. Bend it Midway

    Maybe Plain Jane did have her perks. One of them being no-fuss gorgeous hair.

  4. Spring Hair Trends – Bend it Midway

For Long Hair Mortals

Longer hair is sooo versatile. Pin it up, braid it, or let it cascade down your back like a silken waterfall.

Spring Haircuts for Long Hair

    Spring Haircuts – Bored Symmetry
  1. Bored Symmetry

    Conquer beguiling hair without trying too hard. Head for an undone symmetry to even out the game.

  2. 2
  3. The Clean Cut

    Go no-nonsense by giving your hair the clean look. This one is your happy solution to confused haircut moments.

  4. Spring Hair Trends – Layer Up
    Spring Hair Trends – Layer Up
  5. Face Hugging Goodness

    Look picture perfect as you layer-up your hair to frame the contours of your features.

  6. 4
  7. Long and Weighted

    Be yourself and let your hair say just that. Rest your tresses by flaunting them just the way they are.

  8. Spring Hair Ideas – Long & Weighted

Before your go, here’s a tiny message from Aphrodite. “Love yourself, but love your hair more.”

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