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The Best Face Scrub for your Skin Type

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To find out the best face scrub for your skin, first we need to get down to basics. In order to combat any skin problem, it’s important to identify your skin type. There are generally five types of skin: normal, dry, oily, sensitive and combination.

Presenting the best face scrubs for all skin types:

best face scrub for normal skin

1. Normal Skin

Normal skin is the best compliment. Lucky owners rarely complain of skin problems, and are blessed with grease-free, great feeling skin. People with this skin type tend to have little to no imperfections. If you fall in this category, look for a pH-balanced face cleanser to avoid throwing your skin toward oily or dry.

2. Dry Skin

Dry skin is easily identifiable as your face will constantly feel like its lacking moisture. People with this skin type often complain of skin feeling tight and flaky. If you show signs of this skin type, use a face scrub for dry skin with a good humectant factor so as to keep your skin hydrated.
best face scrub for dry skin
best face scrub for oily skin

3. Oily Skin

This type of skin has overactive sebaceous glands, producing more oil than necessary, thus the constant struggle to fight blemishes and shine that go hand in hand with excess oil. This type of skin is especially prone to enlarged pores and blackheads so a gentle face scrub for oily skin is ideal. 

4. Sensitive Skin

You know you have sensitive skin when you are prone to itchiness, redness or burning. This skin type needs a particularly gentle scrub devoid of fragrances and other harmful additions. A face scrub for sensitive skin works the best when it is enriched with natural ingredients.
best face scrub for sensitive skin
best face scrub for combination skin

5. Combination Skin

Combination skin has a mix of dry and oily areas. For instance, areas around the T-Zone— forehead, nose and chin tend to be oily—while the cheeks are drier in comparison. To combat the differences in this skin type, look for a face scrub for combination skin that can remove excess oil without over drying the skin.
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