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The New I-Beauty Regimen Has Been Tailor Made For The Indian Skin Type

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Indian skincare routine

Have you ever submitted to raging K-Beauty trends, only to realise that slapping on a slew of beauty products has served little purpose for your skin type? Aped the skincare regimen of your favourite celeb from across the sea, but it backfired? Ever wondered why? Let us break it down.

As it turns out, extreme climatic conditions due to physiography, a strikingly different staple diet, exposure to aggressors like pollution- these parameters are unique to the Indian subcontinent. Leading to notable differences in the quality of our skin collectively. And yet, we have mirrored the western beauty regimens (meant to cater to a different type of skin altogether) for years. With no proper understanding of our skin, pertinent concerns or the underlying issues.

According to statistics, the sheer lack of knowledge on the subject with limited access to expert-approved information on everything skin — explains why most Indian consumers still don't have a primary skincare routine in 2022. To bridge the rift and make skincare accessible, customisable and fitting for the Indian skin type, Nykaa, with top Indian Dermatologists launched the integrated program I-Beauty. A regimen was tailor-made for the Indian skin type that steers clear of redundancy. It further consolidates the standard skincare into four simple steps- cleanser, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen (CSMS). Ahead is a step-by-step breakdown of the routine you ought to follow to care for the skin


Kicking off with a cleanser deemed fit for your skin is extremely important for a beauty regimen. Pick a product that serves the purpose of a thorough clean and replenishment – removing the dirt, and debris from the dermis, unclogging the pores while also providing your skin with a rich boost of hydration. The perfect formula would be gentle yet efficient and should not impede the pH of your skin.


Once your face is squeaky clean, apply a thin layer of serum that helps combat any concerns you may be facing. Yes, there is a gamut of serums in the market, formulated with key active ingredients to help treat acne, blemishes, dryness, fine lines and more. These lightweight concoctions seep into the deepest layers of your skin and tend to the root cause of the pertinent issues.


A grave oversight in any skincare regimen is skipping your moisturiser. A layer of moisturiser plays a pivotal role in retaining water in your skin by preventing epidermal water loss. Our skin needs a healthy dosage of nourishment and hydration which is why, no matter what your skin type is - normal, oily or dry ensures moisturisation like clock work. This good practice also helps you steer clear of the early onset of fine lines and wrinkles.


Ever vacillated about the application of SPF, especially when it's not sunny outside? Right off the bat, we want to put such qualms to bed. Sunscreen is non-negotiable irrespective of whether it is sunny outdoors or not. Even on a cloudy day, our skin is susceptible to detrimental UV rays and sun damage. Sun damage is known to dwindle the collagen and elastin in the skin and expedites the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Over time, excessive exposure to the sun directly impacts the DNA of the skin cells, that could lead to discolouration, pigmentation and rare cases- skin cancer. Never skip your sunscreen, no matter what time of the day you are stepping out.

The beauty of this CSMS routine is that it provides a consolidated, uniform beauty regimen for the Indian skin type but is still highly customisable. Make sure to pick products that agree with your skin. Case in point: If you have notoriously oily skin, pick lightweight water-based moisturisers, foam cleansers, and salicylic based serums to zap oil pockets from the dermis.

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