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The Most Trending Eyeliner Looks That Ruled 2022

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Sunburnt blush, popsicle lips, crystal eyes - 2022 has been the year of unique makeup trends. But what truly caught our attention were the unique eyeliner looks that A-listers and influencers rocked throughout the year. While a traditional winged liner has been a popular go-to look on social media, the graphic eyeliner look has been stealing the spotlight. GRWM, because the list is endless and we’ve shortlisted some of the best and coolest eyeliner styles that you can try right now. So, let your eyes do the talking with these eyeliner looks that ruled the hearts of makeup enthusiasts this year.

Trending Eyeliner Styles In 2022

1. Reverse Cat Eye

The reverse cat eye is exactly what it sounds like - a cat eye on the lower lash line instead of your lids. It’s far easier to create the reverse cat eye look as compared to the “ iconic” feline flick. To create this look, swipe a jet black gel eyeliner or kohl along your lower lash line. Sketch a line to extend your inner corner and wing out the outer corner. Then, smudge out the liner in an outwards motion. This will pull back and elongate the eyes.

2. Graphic Eyeliner

Go subtle on your outfits and let your eyes do the talking with a graphic eyeliner look. Experiment with floating creases on the eyelids or play with geometrical shapes, the graphic eyeliner trend lets you experiment with striking colours and a myriad of shapes. Neon liner, negative space liner and dotted eyeliner styles are some of the graphic eyeliner looks that can give you that playful yet bold look.

3. Smudge Eyeliner

Love winged eyeliner but end up spoiling it everytime? Why not smudge it a bit and turn it into an iconic eye makeup look. Known for being a softer version of the smokey eye look, it creates a faded effect on your eyes and is perfect for date night. Draw a thick line with a brown eye pencil on your waterline, extending it like a wing. Use a brush or your fingers to smudge the line. Now line your upper and lower lid with a thin stroke of black liner. Smudge it again with your fingers to get the desired smokey-smudged effect.

4. Colourful Eyeliner

Makeup is all about experimenting, and the colourful eyeliner style is all you need to make a statement. If full-blown colourful eyeshadow is not your style, using colours to line your eyes will do the work for you. Use a blue eyeliner that creates a sharp yet dramatic edge on your eyes or use a green one to line your waterline. Open to some drama? Opt for gold, silver or bronze eyeliner.

5. Two-Toned Eyeliner Style

Add a pop of colour to your eyes with this eyeliner design. Draw the classic winged eyeliner on the upper lid with your black liner. Take a different colour eyeliner pencil and draw a thin stroke on your waterline. You can play with the combination of two colours like red and black, blue and green or just white and black and create a sleek yet glamorous look.

6. Fishtail Eyeliner

The fishtail eyeliner trend is when you make a flick of liner from your upper lash line and a separate flick of liner from your lower lash line. It might look intimidating but it’s super easy to achieve. Start with applying a thick bold liner on your upper eyelids, creating a sharp winged edge. Line your waterline to create a contrasting winged effect and extend it outwards towards the top line without joining them, and you are done.

Best Eyeliners For A Flawless Application

1. Colorbar Ultimate EyeLiner

best pen eyeliner

Colorbar Ultimate Eye Liner - Black

Doodle your way to a perfect cat eye look with this pen eyeliner. A high-pigmented formula with ease of sketch pen, the Colorbar Ultimate EyeLiner is a perfect pick for you if you are a beginner, seeking to try out different eyeliner styles.

2. M.A.C In Extreme Dimension 24hr Kajal Eye Liner

best eyeliner

M.A.C In Extreme Dimension 24hr Kajal Eye Liner

Say hello to the M.A.C In Extreme Dimension 24hr Kajal Eye Liner that delivers one-stroke drama and lasts for 24 hours without smudging. It is a highly pigmented formula that glides with extreme precision and stays all day long without smudging. Enriched with emollient gel ingredients like jojoba and sunflower seed oil, this is one of the best kajal eyeliners that will help you ace any look you desire.

3. Lakme Insta Eye Liner - Blue

best waterproof eyeliner

Lakme Insta Eye Liner

One of the most affordable eyeliners out there, Lakme Insta Eye Liner helps you get the high-definition eyeliner look with just one stroke. With a rich colour payoff and matte finish, it sits comfortably on your eyelids for a perfect definition to the eyes. It is water-resistant, lightweight and smudge-proof, and suitable for everyday use. Explore different eyeliner styles with this liquid eyeliner that is available in many vibrant shades.

4. Nykaa Black Magic! Gel Eyeliner

best waterproof eyeliner pencil

Nykaa Black Magic! Gel Eyeliner

A gel eyeliner can help you get a dramatic, sleek finish with precise lines. Meet Nykaa Black Magic! Gel Eyeliner, which is infused with skincare ingredients like bisabolol, tomato fruit extract and vitamin E that are perfect for hydrating and nourishing your eyes while giving them the coveted statement look.

5. Kay Beauty Quick Dry Liquid Eyeliner

kay beauty eyeliner

Kay Beauty Quick Dry Liquid Eyeliner

Whether you wish to ace the cat eyeliner look or the classic winged eyeliner, the Kay Beauty Quick Dry Liquid Eyeliner is there to help you create sharp lines for a perfect finish. Formulated with extracts of chamomile and eucalyptus, it keeps your eyes refreshed and hydrated while giving your eyelids a glossy finish. Try different eyeliner styles with just one stroke and enjoy dramatic, defined eyes.

Shift the focus on your eyes with these eyeliner styles and let them speak for themselves.


1. Should I Wear Eyeliner On The Top Or Bottom?

Eyeliners look best when applied on the top eyelid as they give a youthful and elegant look. You can opt for a kohl kajal pencil for your waterline. If you still want to apply liner on your lower lash line, you should opt for a lighter shade for a sharp look.

2. Which Eyeliner Style Is the Best?

You can pick from the various eyeliner styles like graphic eyeliner, winged eyeliner, cat eyeliner, classic eyeliner, fishtail eyeliner, blue liner, etc. according to your outfit and makeup. For a minimalist look, you can opt for a winged eyeliner or a classic eyeliner look. However for a bold party look, a graphic eyeliner look or a reverse cat eye can add definition to your eyes.

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