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What makes Korean Beauty so special?

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Korean skin care is much more than its much touted 10 step routine and sheet masks. It’s not just about what you use, but how you think and how your skin feels. So instead of just slathering on products, K-Beauty demands you do whatever it takes to cherish your skin—from hiding under umbrellas in the day to drinking gallons of green tea. Undoubtedly Korean skin care is a supernova in the world of skincare because Koreans take skincare so seriously. Clear, healthy skin isn’t enough, it has to be radiant and translucent.  Still, what makes Korean skincare and beauty so spectacular?
Exceptional Innovation
Practically every revolutionary beauty product—BB cream, sheet masks and cushion compacts—have emerged from Korea. Remarkable formulations, textures, gorgeous packaging and a breeze to apply. What’s not to love? In fact Seoul, the hub of beauty innovation has 112 beauty stores densely packed into eight adjacent street blocks.
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Quick Concept to Market Time
Unlike many multinationals that test products for years before going to market, Korean companies can conceive a product and have it on the shelves in less than six months! Cutting edge technology and efficient R&D means, they always know what consumers want even before they know it themselves! Korean beauty is all about fun and experimentation, and consumers fall over themselves to try the latest trends.
Gentle Formulas, Natural Ingredients
No harsh chemicals or tons of additives. The Korean beauty heritage is steeped in natural ingredients passed down from generation to generation. These eco-friendly ingredients are a hit, not just with Koreans but with beauty buyers globally who shun chemicals and enjoy the fruit of the earth. Looking for soothing, hydrating and brightening formulas? Think yuza with its concentrated vitamin C, bamboo for hydration, its hydrating ability, truffles for anti-aging, pearls for brightening and royal fermented honey, a natural moisturizer.
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Skin First, Makeup Second
Korean beauty isn’t about cover-ups. Instead of concealing flaws with makeup and spot solutions, Koreans focus on skincare products that get to the root of conditions and treat problems before they start. So, if you’re looking for long lasting solutions. Korean skincare is made for you. No wonder, Korea is awash with gorgeous women flaunting the ‘no-makeup-look’ wearing minimal makeup but still looking flawless.
Unique Ingredients
That’s not to say that Korean beauty doesn’t use advanced and effective Western ingredients, but K skincare goes beyond. Think unheard of ingredients like snail slime, bee venom, salmon eggs and goat milk. Before you say yuck, know that these compellingly fresh formulations deliver fantastic results.
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Inside-Outside Results
Like I said before, K skincare is about holistic beauty; improving the texture and health of your skin from the inside out. True radiance doesn’t come from a highlighter, it comes from treating skin many layers deep. K skincare focuses on maintaining a healthy, hydrated and nourished skin that lasts a lifetime.
Better Value
Competition among brands is fierce in Korea , that keeps the price of top notch products down without sacrificing quality. Hurray to that!
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It's Not Just What But How You Do It!
While most people will pick one day and one night moisturizer, Korean women use anywhere from six to ten products (or more) daily! Also, it’s not just about reaching for whatever’s closest and slapping it on. The order in which products are applied is equally important! There’s a time and place for each layer of product. Each step serves a different purpose: prep, renew, treat, hydrate or protect. How you apply different products matters too! Tap in your essence, pat on your eye cream, dab on your cushion compact, and so on.
No Routine Is One-Size-Fits-All
Since every one’s skin is unique K skin care is all about analysing your specific skin type and concerns before deciding which conditions need to be treated. Therefore, products and formulas can vastly vary from person to person. It’s like being served up just what you need at the restaurant and not have to pick your way through a buffet!
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A lazy girl's best friend
Sure K Beauty is all about a multi-step routine but remember many of the products are multi-taskers, slaying two skincare needs with one balm, so to speak. A great example: Cleansing Oils. They first remove your makeup, even the most stubborn water-proof variety. Then as you rinse, the oil emulsifies and cleans your face. So, it triples up as a moisturizer too! Who can say no to that?
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