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grooming tips for men and women
It's okay to blow-dry sopping wet hair? No! Your hair should be 60% dry before you even start to blow dry. First towel dry and then blow-dry using a brush, starting at the roots.
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Use a shaving cream with a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers to create a rich creamy lather, not a foam. The less 'foaming' in the shave cream the better for your stubble.
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Hold the shaver at a right angle to your skin and shave against the direction of beard growth. Avoid going over the same areas again and again to lessen the chances of skin irritation.
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Use a multi-blade shaving system with blades spaced closer together to help reduce pressure on each blade for more comfort and less shaving irritation and razor burn.
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Add a drop of foam on your trimmer head before placing under running water to remove hair, grease and debris. This will deep clean your trimmer. Dab dry to remove excess water.
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To reduce the pain caused by an epilator, take a shower beforehand. This softens hair and makes it easier to remove. Then hold the skin taut and epilate away!
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Titanium plates heat up fastest and transfer heat faster than Ceramic, so there’s less potential for heat damage. But leaving the plates longer in your hair can cause more damage!
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We highly recommend natural hair makeup brushes because the hair cuticle does the best job of lifting powder to blend it with the natural oils from your skin for a natural look.
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If your hair is naturally thick and curly, set the temperature high while using a blow dryer. If your hair is fine, set the minimum temperature or else it will burn your hair.
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