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Finding Beauty
In The Time Of COVID
In these extraordinary times as the world comes to a standstill, we wanted to take this opportunity as Nykaa Turns 8 to shine a light on the extraordinary people who have gone above and beyond to help those in need.
And we need your help.
We want to hear your stories of finding beauty in the times of Covid. Tell us the acts of bravery and kindness you’ve witnessed in the past few weeks to help lift our spirits in these difficult times.
we will feature select on May 6 to celebrate
Nykaa turning 8!
This will be the most special birthday for us by far. After all we are #In8Together
Here are some guidelines to share your video:
  1. Shoot a horizontal video from your phone camera.
  2. Position yourself mid-frame - your head should not be cut off on top, your neck and shoulders should be visible.
  3. Make sure you are in a well lit background and your face is clearly visible.
  4. Your audio needs to be loud, clear and free of any disturbance.
  5. No text or filters on the video.
Disclaimer: Participating in the #In8Together campaigns is consent for Nykaa to use this content across all marketing channels