• SeaSoul Dead Sea Moroccan Argan Hydrating Mask For Dry & Sensitive Skin

    A mystical blend of ancient salts coupled with detoxifying minerals and nutrient-rich mud found in the Dead Sea forms the base of this magical experience that treats dry, sensitive skin. Apply a few drops of warm water to form a thick paste and leave it on for a few minutes. Famed Moroccan Argan Oil will replenish cells while the mild buffing of salt will leave skin feeling velvety-soft to touch.

    Rs. 725
  • AHAVA Leave-on Dead Sea Mud Dermud Nourishing Body Cream

    Even the driest, most flaky skin doesn’t stand a chance against this stellar formula. Infused with intense moisturization powers, the thick-consistency body cream alleviates dryness in an instant. Nutrient and mineral-rich, the Dead Sea Mud seeps in deep within to form a hydrating layer over the skin to nourish, protect and soothe. Enriched with aloe & Vitamin E it can even treat skin conditions.

    Rs. 2,590
    [2 Sizes]
  • Alma K Dead Sea Minerals Hydrate Moisturizing Body Lotion

    Harness the potency of pristine blue saline waters of the Dead Sea that blend in perfectly with the deep grey mud found on it’s beaches to work wonders on the skin. Created from genuine natural oils and beneficial nutrients found on the lowest point on earth, the lightly-fragranced concoction settles like a dream on dry skin. It’s even free from parabens, minerals oils and artificial ingredients.

    Rs. 1250
  • Krishkare Dead Sea Mud Mask

    If you’re one of the lucky few who’ve had the chance to witness first-hand the invigorating after-effects of a mud spa at the Dead Sea you know how smooth your skin feels. Now, imagine reliving that therapeutic moment in the comforts of your own home courtesy this mud mask. So powerful it’s known to clear blackheads, shrink pores, erase lines - resulting in your most luminescent skin yet.

    Rs. 650
  • The Body Shop Spa Of The World Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub

    Fresh off the boat from the Middle East, granulated salt particles reveal youthfulness. Scrub away dirt, grime, and even dry skin cells for a translucent glow like no other. What’s better is that blood circulation is improved as the coarse crumbs massage skin while bathing. Thus, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to beat dullness, here’s your best bet blended with natural oils and minerals.

    Rs. 2295
  • Mirah Belle Organic & Natural Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Soap

    When your skin's natural exfoliation process slows down, it is imperative to start caring for your skin to prevent skin damage. The Mirah Belle Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Soap expels those dry and dead skin cells giving your body a smoother and softer appearance.

    Rs. 59
    [4 Sizes]
  • minus417 Catharsis Rejuvenation Hair Mud Mask

    Touting of an anti-damage haircare regimen this restorative hair mask is unmatched in its capability to refresh dry, almost dead strands. Apply it as often as needed to freshly washed hair for deep-conditioning to tame unruly tresses, add life and radiance to dull locks. Active ingredients from the renowned Dead Sea combine with the goodness of nature to repair all kind of mane damage.

    Rs. 2550
  • SeaSoul 100% Natural Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

    Last but not the least listed in our stars from the Dead Sea is an extravagant mud body wrap for days you’re too lazy to hit the spa or you’re looking to relieve muscle/joint pain. On a wet body apply the mud mask till it dries to a matte finish, then with warm water rinse off. You will instantly feel refreshed and revived as all the toxins are pulled out, relaxing your muscles, and soothing the skin.

    Rs. 2000