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Discover The Benefits Of Doing An Ice Facial

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Having received the celebrity stamp of approval, skin icing has quickly become a go-to beauty hack for girls across the globe. Here’s the lowdown on its many benefits and our top picks for taut, glowing skin.
Discover The Benefits Of Doing An Ice Facial

Applying ice to your face has always been advocated by top facialists and makeup artists. Cool sculpting has also been a mainstay in Korean culture. The ‘ice on face’ ritual offers a multitude of skincare benefits including calming redness, inflammation, blemish control, and tightening properties. Research has also corroborated that focused cold therapy is a safe and effective alternative to invasive wrinkle-reducing treatments.

Lately, ‘ice therapy’ has been touted as celebrities' go-to secret for fresh and glowing skin. Many B-town actresses like Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, and Tamannah Bhatia are not only die-hard fans of skin icing but also boast about it on their ’Gram feeds. So, if you’re having any doubts about putting ice cubes on your face, we’re here to tell you that skin icing is the secret to a healthy glow.

Ice facials, professionally called cryotherapy, is a treatment where the skin is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. It works to stimulate blood circulation and reduce signs of ageing and puffiness. Remember the time when we used to place an icy cold spoon around our eyes to calm and reduce under-eye puffiness? Well, that is one part of ice therapy. There are multiple benefits of applying ice on your face, which might convince you to incorporate it into your daily skincare regimen.

The Benefits Of Skin Icing

Here is a brief guide on ice facial benefits and how to get that natural glow you’ve been looking for.

1. Soothes Redness and Inflammation

When you apply ice on your face, it quickly and effectively reduces redness and inflammation by constricting the blood vessels. Ice your face for several minutes and let it work its magic.

2. Reduces the Appearance of Pores

It is not uncommon for people with oily or combination skin to have enlarged pores, inviting blackheads and acne. Rubbing ice on the face can help eliminate dirt and impurities from these open pores and reduce their appearance on the skin.

3. Facilitates Better Absorption of Products

When you put ice on your face, it restricts the capillaries and creates a pulling effect that helps products penetrate deeper into the skin. For instance, when you apply a serum, moisturiser, or toner after an ice therapy session, it absorbs deeper and gives you better and faster results.

4. Gives a Healthy Glow

Applying ice on your face can also help you get that radiant glow without any blush or highlighters. Rubbing ice on the face stimulates blood circulation in your skin, leading to enhanced oxygen flow for an inherent glow.

5. Prevents New Acne Eruptions

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ice is touted as an effective remedy for acne, too. The topical use of ice regulates sebum production, preventing fresh bumps and eruptions on the face.

6. Reverses Skin Ageing

Regular use of ice on the face is associated with a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The process also makes your skin look more taut, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

7. Removes Under Eye Bags

Didn’t get your beauty sleep last night? Fret not! Grab some ice and massage it on the concerned areas a.k.a. the worrisome bags. When this under-eye skin is warmed right after, blood vessels enlarge instantly to facilitate better blood flow. This exponentially decreases the puffiness, making your gaze brighter and tighter.

8. Treats Bites and Burns

Has the mighty summer sun unleashed its wrath on you? Use a cold compress to alleviate these sunburns in a jiffy. You can also use a conjunction of ice and soothing aloe vera extracts for the best results.

How To Do An Ice Facial At Home

You would never know the benefits of rubbing ice on your face if you do not try it yourself. You can reap the ice facial benefits by incorporating it into your beauty routine in the following two ways -

Method 1: Ice Bowl

Take a bowl and fill it with chilled or normal water and 15-20 ice cubes. Dip your face in the bowl for a few seconds. Repeat and enjoy the benefits of icing your face.

Method 2: Ice Massage

Cover a few ice cubes in a thin muslin cloth or handkerchief. Gently rub it on your face in an upward or circular motion. Pat dry with a soft towel.

Tips For Facial Icing

While skin icing is known to be a safe and effective technique, consult your dermatologist before indulging in the facial. Ensure you use a dedicated ice tray for the cubes you’ll be using on your skin, and avoid re-using the same cube more than once. Wash your hands and face thoroughly before rubbing the ice on your skin and keep a tissue handy to wipe off excess liquid. Lastly, to avoid an ice burn, don’t hold the ice cube in your hand for too long and use a washcloth as a barrier between the ice and your skin.

Explore the Best Ice Face Massagers

Keep these ice facial rollers handy!

1. Matra Ice Globes Facial Massager Roller Tool for Anti-Aging & Face Lifting

Matra Ice Globes Facial Massager Roller Tool for Anti-Aging & Face Lifting - Set of 2
Matra Ice Globes Facial Massager Roller Tool for Anti-Aging & Face Lifting - Set of 2
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Made with premium quality, non-toxic glass with anti-freeze liquid, this ice globe for the face is 100% safe for your skin. It restores your skin’s natural vibrancy, reverses signs of ageing, boosts lymphatic drainage, and leaves you with a brighter and enhanced complexion. Just pop this magic wand in the fridge for 30 minutes and use it for a rejuvenating experience.

2. Nykaa Naturals Ice Roller for De-puffing and Face Toning Massage

Nykaa Naturals Ice Roller for De-puffing and Face Toning Massage - Pink
Nykaa Naturals Ice Roller for De-puffing and Face Toning Massage - Pink
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The sun, pollution, and winds can be harsh on your skin. Thankfully, ice rollers exist. Nykaa Naturals’ Ice Roller for De-puffing and Face Toning Massage calms your skin and gives it a soothing feeling. This ice facial roller can be used under your eyes to reduce fatigue. It tightens the skin, reduces swelling and irritation, and boosts blood circulation.

3. House Of Beauty Pink Ice Roller

House Of Beauty Pink Ice Roller
House Of Beauty Pink Ice Roller
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Make The House Of Beauty Pink Ice Roller your BFF if you are looking for instant relief from skin inflammation and stress. This handheld massage roller harnesses the power of cold to soothe your skin and reduce redness, irritation, and swelling. It depuffs the eyes and can help in reducing the appearance of pores, too. Moreover, it stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the skin. Rest the roller in the fridge for just 10 minutes and roll it over your skin to get the amazing benefits of rubbing ice on your face.

Adding it to your morning skincare routine can get you maximum ice facial benefits, but you can also use ice cubes on your face at night to treat facial inflammation and redness.

Word of Caution: Avoid submerging your face in the ice-cold water for a longer duration. Extreme chilly water can cause skin irritation. Moreover, avoid using ice directly on the skin as it can cause frostbite and numb your skin cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Ice Damage Your Skin?

    Prolonged exposure to ice can damage your skin and make it itchy and red – verified by the National Library of Medicine. If you have sensitive skin, avoid applying ice cubes directly to your face. Use ice therapy only once a day and for a short while, no more than 4-5 minutes.

  • Can I Apply Moisturiser After Rubbing Ice On My Face?

    Yes, it is suggested to moisturise your face after rubbing ice. It will prevent your face from drying out and replenish the lost moisture. According to research published by the National Library of Medicine, moisturisers improve skin hydration and increase stratum corneum water content by directly providing water to the skin from their water phase and increasing occlusion to reduce trans-epidermal water loss. They also cover small skin fissures, provide a soothing protective film and protect skin from friction.

Ice facials peaked in popularity ever since we spotted Bollywood celebrities making a compelling case for their effectiveness. An inexpensive, DIY solution to common skin woes, the natural, non-chemically based technique is presented as a logical and sensible alternative to invasive beauty procedures. Better yet, it’s super quick and easy to do, right from the comfort of your home!

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