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Why cushion compacts will change your life

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What are cushion compacts & how to use them

It’s official. Cushion Compacts are the latest gamechanger of the beauty world. Get ready to toss those foundation bottles and makeup sponges. This is all you’ll need for gorgeous summer skin. So what is it? A liquid foundation that offers natural, lightweight coverage. Plus, it comes in a nifty, easy-to-carry compact. We’re obsessed already! Not exactly new, cushion compacts have been selling like hot cakes in Korea since 2008. But with brands like Lancome, Clinique, MIB and Maybelline New York launching their own versions, Cushion Compacts have finally gone mainstream.

• How do Cushion Compacts work?

The liquid foundation actually sits inside the cushion at the bottom of the compact, which means zero chance of spillage. To dispense, simply press the soft sponge applicator on the cushion to get the perfect amount of product. There’s no chance of a cakey mess unlike regular compacts where you can’t control the amount of product you swipe on. The key is lightweight, buildable coverage.

• You control your coverage

“The formula is so weightless, it just lightly covers skin. Depending on the coverage you want, just layer on as you go,” says makeup artist Ojas Rajani. She said all you need to do is lightly press the applicator into the sponge, then pat on your face. Pat a few extra times on the areas you need additional coverage. And voila, you’re done!

• Touch-ups are a breeze!

Reapplying foundation or dabbing with a regular compact can end up a cakey mess. But with a compact cushion all you need to do is press and pat, moving from the center of the face, out. “No chance of lines and creases because the formula is designed to spread thinly and evenly,” says Ojas. We’re sold!

Best Cushion Compacts To Try

• It's the perfect way to reapply SPF

Unlike regular compacts that are essentially mattifying formulas that cover pores and fine lines, Cushion Compacts like Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation Compact, Maybelline New York BB Cushion and Wet n Wild MegaCushion Foundation offer UV protection as well. Perfect for divas on the go who can reapply SPF without having to start over.

• A Cushion Compact for every kind of skin

There is a cushion compact for all your needs! The Colorbar Triple Effect Makeup is a 3-in-1 magical compact that does the work of a foundation, concealer and
powder. This multi-tasker is enriched with Vitamin E that nourishes your skin and finally, sets into a creamy finish. Skin feeling dry? Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet & Dry Compact contains hyaluronic acid that immediately boosts skin's moisture content for a bouncy texture. Craving a glow? Check out Maybelline New York Ultra Cover Cushion SPF50 that transforms dull skin making it look radiant. Looking for supple, non-budge coverage? L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation is made for you.

Best Cushion Compacts For Every Skin Type

• So, should I ditch my regular compact?

Not really. Especially if you’re prone to shine attacks. Regular compacts are super mattifying and perfect for light touch ups if you have oily skin. However, if you’re in the market for a portable foundation choc-a-bloc with skincare benefits, like added SPF, extra hydration, and anti-aging benefits, Cushion Compacts are calling your name.

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